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6 Nimmt!
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From the Games Explained channel:

Transcript from Games Explained:

"six nimmt! is a 30 minute game for 2-10 players where you must play your hand while collecting as few bull heads as possible. Have the lowest score by the end of the game to win! Try and guess your opponents’ plays and take big risks in this bull-headed game. There are 104 numbered cards in six nimmt! Each card also has a different number of bull heads, found at the top or bottom of the card, which are each worth one point. The goal of the game is to score the fewest amount of points possible. Points are received when a player “takes” a row by either playing the 6th card in the row, or by playing a card that is lower than the last card in any row. Players start each round with 10 cards, and 4 cards are placed on the table.

Each player decides on a card to play, and places them face down. Once all players have made a decision, all cards get flipped up together and are played lowest to highest. You must place your card in the row with the highest end card, where that card is lower than yours. There are two ways that a player can take cards into their points pile: 1. When you play the 6th card in row, take the other 5 and the card you played becomes the new starter. 2. If a player plays a card lower than any row allows, they must take a row of their choosing (even if that row is not full).

It often makes sense to take the row with the fewest bull heads. Once everyone has played their 10th card, players tally up the bull heads in their points pile and record the result. Start a new round by shuffling all the cards together. Rounds continue until a player has reached 66 points or more - at this point, the player with the lowest score wins! If there is a tie, both players win. You can also decide to play to a different score, or for a set number of rounds. To begin a game of six Nimmt! - shuffle the deck and deal each player 10 cards, and place 4 cards face up vertically to begin the rows.

There are more advanced game variations described in the rulebook. We’re Games Explained, and that’s how to play six Nimmt! ..."

Description from Amazon: Not a Game for the Bullheaded! You start with 10 cards, ranked between 1 and 104. Each round, you must add a card to one of 4 active rows. If you play the 6th card in a row, you must take the first 5 cards in that row. This is not a good thing! You get penalty points for each bull head on these cards. The player with the least bull heads wins. A quick, fun, fast-paced game for young and old.

6 Nimmt!
$9.87 - View on Amazon

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