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Aoske magnetic levitation platform Levitron Revolution Platform Display Maglev Floating Display Showcase Gift
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From the CrazyRussianHacker channel:

Transcript from CrazyRussianHacker:

"What's up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory, Where safety is number one priority, and for today's video I got here levitation platform. Let's see what this is all about. Ooooohh, Woooah. That looks cool. You know every time I buy something online, you never know how big it's going to be. Ok let's plug this in, and plug it into the wall.

Boom look at that. That whole thing have light up. Turn it off, turn it on, and it lights up. Let's look at it close up. Now what I'm suppos... WHOA That thing magnetites a lot. What if I turn it off? Yeah it magnetites as well. Turn it on.

Lets try... I'm gonna destroy it before I'm gonna figure out how to use it. I wonder which side up I'm supposed to hold it on. Maybe I'm holding it upside down. This is...I don't understand what is says over here. Maybe I should try to...Nope. Ok that's it. WHOAH, that's actually super easy. Look at that, AH! Squished my finger. Man it was so easy the first time. Why is it so hard now? We gotta find the sweet spot.

WHOAH! Look at that! Let me see if I can spin it. WHOAH! It spins so much. Let's try to lift.. AHH! Whoah, what happened? Whoah, that's so cool look at that. Whoah, I guess i cannot turn it sideways. I have seen, I have seen online levitation platforms that you can actually turn sideways. But that's so cool.

Let me find the sweet spot. I love that. This is so, this is such an easy one. Unless I destroy it. Before I am going to be able to put it to the test. Here we go, and look I can spin it. I can spin it really really well look at that. It actually spins a lot. And I have right here a little Nascar car. Let me put it over here. Whoah look at that. It's just levitating. This is like the coolest toy. Look how much it's.

.. lifting off the ground and holding it no problem. That's so awesome! Let me try put put a coin on top of it. Let's see if it's going to fall off or not. Whoah! Holding a coin and the car! That's so awesome. That coin is one ounce, And the car is whatever. Probably at least an ounce as well. So that's really cool.

Wow look at that! Let me put my hand through it. You see there is no tricks at all. It's so awesome! I can just spin it. And it's going to spin and levitate. Wow, this is the best platform I've ever had. That's so cool! Let's see what happens if you turn it off. It's levitating anyway. Even though I turned it off.

That's so weird. Wow. What about if we unplug it? AHH! Ok if we unplug it, then it's gonna fall off. So you have to keep it plugged in. Ok let's see if it can hold... Oh nevermind the grenade is already metal. There's no way it's going to hold a grenade. Or will it? Let's put it to the center.

It wants to hold it. It just kind of bounces sideways. Let me center it even better. Wow no way it. It would be so epic if it can hold a grenade. Wow guys look at it. It's actually a levitating grenade. Not as high as the other object because it's just too heavy. But look at it. It's actually levitating. Wow that's so cool. Guess what guys? That should be the thumbnail, dont you think? That's just so awesome.

Wow. But it's not as high levitating. But you get the idea. It can hold way more than three ounces. Not as epic as other stuff. But wow. Look i can even turn it and stuff. That grenade is levitating back and forth. That's so awesome. This is just a dummy grenade. It's empty on the inside.

Wow, isn't that awesome? Definitely the coolest... levitation station because it can hold up... as a lot of weight. As you can see it's hollow on the inside. Just a practice one. And as you can see, without a heavy object it can levitate a lot higher. I love this thing. Look at it. It's just. It's such a weird feeling, touching it and it's like bouncing back and forth and resistant.

So weird. Whoah this is like a hoverboard for you fingers. ..."

Description from Amazon: Levitron Revolution Platform w/ EZ Float Technology Discover the secrets of levitation with Fascinations Levitron Revolution Platform w/ EZ Float Technology. This levitating magic kit comes with a magnetic hover disc that can hold up to 13 oz in midair. Levitron is an attention grabber in all parties as it can levitate models, jewelry, memorabilia and other collectibles. Why You'll Love It: While the white accent LEDs spotlight the levitated item, the levitron automatically compensates for changes in weight by making up to 1000 corrections per second to the electromagnets contained in the base. Age: 10 years and up Features Can hold up to 13 oz in mid air Platform adjusts automatically to changing weights Spotlights to enhance levitating objects Includes 120V AC wall adapter Instruction manual

Aoske magnetic levitation platform Levitron Revolution Platform Display Maglev Floating Display Showcase Gift
$78.99 - View on Amazon

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