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Box of 12 Glow in the Dark Slime Green Pink Yellow & Blue Silly Putty Slime
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From the CrazyRussianHacker channel:

Transcript from CrazyRussianHacker:

"What's up everybody? Welcome back to my labaratory where safety is the number on priority. So I found this slime in my laboratory a very long time ago that I bought. and I also have a vacuum chamber so I thought to myself what will would happen if I put slime into a vacuum chamber. Let's find out! This is supposed to be a glowing slime so let's open it up and see what it's all about. Wow, look at that there's four different colors.

Ohh my gosh this slime it really feels like slime. Wow, look at that it's like a jelly. Wow, that's so cool! I can't believe it actually glows in the dark let's turn off all the lights and see if it glows or not. Yup, it does glow you're just supposed to expose it to the light and then it's supposed to glow really well. You know what I like about this slime? it's very very slimey but as you can see it does not stick to my hands at all.

But wow, that's really slimey look at this. Yeah, this is like jello And yeah it sticks together again too, so that's cool. It breaks apart but at the same time it gets back together. So that's what you wanna see in a slime. You see, I'm going to chop it up into three pieces and then if I'm going to put it back together It's one piece again, wow Ok, let's take it inside of a vacuum chamber. It's so weird when you just take it out of the box it's so cool to play with, I wouldn't recommend it to break it apart because when it's together like that it's the coolest because when you start messing it up a lot this is what it's going to look like.

Actually not bad at all, look it came back all together again in one piece, if you just let it sit for a minute Wow really cool jelly, for sure. There's a blue, ooh that blue is so beautiful too. Let's stick it in there aswell. And now we're just missing yellow. We're going to put it all inside of here, four colors. Now here I've got the vacuum chamber, let's put it in the middle like this. Boom! And now we've got the pump right here, we're going to suck all of the air out of this chamber. And we'll see how the slime is going to behave.

My prediction is that it's going to grow A LOT but you never know, let's find out! Alright, let's get all the air out! - Loud Pump Noise - Nothing has happen so far, but look at that it's kinda wobbling a little bit. Wow! No way look at it it's growing! WOOOOOW! Look! Ohh my gosh! It's kinda starting to boil now. Wow, it's about to pop out from the cup! Wow.

Let me zoom in a little bit. That's so weird! Wow! Now it's like a giant mushroom! It's not spilling off it's just like blowing up like a balloon or something! Ohh my gosh, that's so weird! Wow. I'm so glad I did that experiment. :) Look at that. Look at that slime. Look at it from this side.

That's so weird! Ok let's unplug it see what hap- woow! Look all that slime has went back to being smaller again. Wow, I love that color slime. I mix all that of slime together and look it's one blob of slime. And guess what, after that the slime is fine! It got back together and now it's just regular slime. Except all these colors mixed together so well, look at that. Will it work again? Let's find out! - Loud Vacuum Noise Again - This time we're gonna look at it close up.

Ohh, it's starting to grow again! Wow look how many bubbles there are inside of it! - Timelapse - That's so weird, the second time it didn't expand as much but still look at it sucking back together. - Cool Air Noise - Wow. So cool. And let's look at that slime one more time. Boom! Regular slime, except it turned into super cool rainbow slime.

So awesome! I'm probably going to save that slime for the next experiment. Well guys that's pretty much it and WOW I haven't done that kind of an amazing experiment in a while. I love this one a lot. And if you did as well please give this video a thumbs up! Thank you for watching, and I'll see you next time! I love his videos -subtitle writer ..."

Description from Amazon: You can pull it apart and it rejoins seamlessly! Extremely tactile, great fun and endless potential! Fabulous `messy play` sensory resource. This has to be seen and touched to be believed. There`s nothing else like it! Barrel Containers measure 1.75" in diameter x 2.5" in Height 12 Green Pink Yellow & Blue Glow in the Dark Recommended for ages 6 & up Glow In The Dark Slime makes a great party favor Non Toxic DON'T SWALLOW

Box of 12 Glow in the Dark Slime Green Pink Yellow & Blue Silly Putty Slime
$23.99 - View on Amazon

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