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Bump n Bounce Body Bumpers - 2 bumpers included by Banzai
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From the thesocialzains channel:

Transcript from thesocialzains:

"Whoa whoa Hey guys, it's me Tyler. And I'm his mom. And today we are gonna be doing bump n bounce body bumpers. We saw something similar at Walmart, but it was like 50 bucks a piece and I'm not paying for that so these were 25 dollars on Amazon. So we're gonna test em out. It says ages 4-12. I look 12. You look 14. Fortunately we're smaller people. So hopefully this works.

Here we go.... We fit! We're in our backyard and we're about to battle. Ignore the neighbor dogs in the background. Thank you. Ahhhh wait a minute. I'm scared. You're so far away! Know what? Ima make you fall. It's probably gonna break when we fall. Alright ready? My legs are tired.

Ima make sure you fall, mom. Here we go. I tried to go for your legs. You tried to cheat! You almost got me. Know what? Now it's death battle. Let me tie my shoes. Alright now we gotta make it, jump. I was jumping. Like actually jump. This is SPARTA!!!! Alright I'm puttin them football skills in.

Blue 42, set, hike! Mom please just fall. Please just fall. We didn't fall. We'll be back. And we didn't break em yet so 2 thumbs up. Ok. So that was the body bumpers. I'm zee winner. I'm too old for this. I'm the winner because she stumbled. Alot.

Alot. And if you could hear us, you could see my football skills were improving cuz I couldn't like hit her hard enough. But at least I made her stumble. Bubba..You brought that ball in here! You let him bring that ball in here?! Ok, well, that was it for this video. Like, comment, subscribe and just love it! Deuces. Deuces. We're out.


Description from Amazon: This Body Bumper 2 pack is double the fun! Find a buddy and get ready for hours of active, high-powered fun, laughs and giggles with these Bump n Bounce Body Bumpers! Roll and toss them around like giant beach balls or put them on and start running and bumping! Head, arms and legs are always exposed for more control and maneuverability. A great way to promote active play, group play, team building and perfect for school fun days, family beach day, camping and BBQ's. Sized for children and adults alike. Inflate with an electric or manual pump (pump not included), but avoid over inflating. Adult supervision recommended. Not intended as a flotation device. Ages 6+

Bump n Bounce Body Bumpers - 2 bumpers included by Banzai
$28.92 - View on Amazon

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