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Dell U3417W FR3PK 34-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor
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From the Edward Jenkins channel:

Transcript from Edward Jenkins:

"Hey YouTube what's up so today we are looking at the U3417W. This is a new monitor from Dell released in September 2016 and it is the successor* to the U3415W which was a much loved monitor by many people. This monitor offers you 3440* pixels across and 1440 down. That's a lot of pixels which makes it great for productivity but it's also actually quite good for gaming and offers an immersive experience.

So anyway, I want to go into some of the positives of this monitor and some of the drawbacks that I've experienced owning it for the past week. If you like what you see give this video a like subscribe and if you want to buy the monitor there are some links in the description. Ok, let's get cracking! The 21:9 form factor gives you so much usable real estate. Take video editing for example. You can have a timeline stretched across the bottom of the screen, a screen full 1080p preview in the top right and the rest of the tools in the top left of the screen.

It's perfect for video editing. As a programmer i like to have an IDE running, perhaps a software application running, a terminal window and a browser window. I can have all that on one desktop without feeling like I'm running out of space. It's perfect for programming and it's amazing for video editing. The build quality is fantastic from this Dell monitor it blows offerings from LG and Samsung out of the water. However it's not all great and I did notice a slight panel gap above the menu buttons. The stand is fantastic it offers good swivel, tilt and height adjustment and a great range of freedom.

When it comes to USB ports this monitor has you covered. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports capable of 2.0A charging. It also has two upstream USB port which allows you to connect two separate devices to the monitor. For example a laptop and a desktop and toggle between which has access to the other connected USB devices. Gaming is another area where this monitor really starts to shine because despite its low refresh rate the high pixel count and large 21:9 aspect ratio it offers a really immersive engaging experience.

I've tested this monitor with Project Cars, Battlefront and Fifa and every game has just offered a completely new experience to what I'm used to with a 16:9 display. It's really difficult to get across how engaging a 21:9 monitor can be whilst gaming. If you know someone who owns one or there's a shop nearby where you can try one out I seriously recommend it. I think this is a fantastic monitor from Dell and a great addition to their lineup. Not only is it good for productivity but it's a really immersive gaming monitor.

I can't recommend it highly enough. If you are thinking of buying one check out the links in the description below. If you like the video give it a like and hit subscribe and I will see you in the next one. Thanks for watching. Bye! ..."

Description from Amazon: Dell UltraSharp 34 curved Ultra wide monitor - u3417w

Dell U3417W FR3PK 34-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor
$763.99 - View on Amazon

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