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Fascinations Art Bank Cube (colors may vary)
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From the Taras Kul channel:

Transcript from Taras Kul:

"What's up guys? How are you all doing? For today's video I'm going to show you another very unique coin bank. You already know how much I love super cool and super unique things so I think this one is cool because it's a Illusion coin bank Another one, last time I showed you it was pretty awesome, the coins appeared to be a much smaller; If you want to see last coin bank I'll put link in the description but this one is a lot different it doesn't really shrink the coin but let's see what it does. Check this out, this coin bank you see there is a cube and looks like it's just there levitating, how cool is that? at any corner, if I show it to you it looks like levitating Now let's see what happens if I drop coins in there Boom They just vanish That's a really cool design at the same time when you drop a coin in there it looks like it just disappears.

And look that 3D cube still floating around And if you try to open this it just doesn't open So once again, if I drop a coin in there, Boom. Nothing happens And you could keep dropping coins and look they just disappear. How cool is that? How is that even possible? That's a really cool illusion, magic trick, whatever you wanna call it. Drop coins in there, how is that possible? I have put so many coins in there Where do they all fit, it doesn't make sense, huh? Well, let me reveal the trick.

If I try to open it there is no way What I have to do is hold it up-upside down and then I can open it Boom And as you can see all the coins have fell down One got stuck Okay you might say 'Where did all this coins have come from?' Because it looks like it's empty on the inside Well if you look inside here, you see it's like sideways right here So inside right here there is a mirror sits this way so and the cube is not actually a full cube only half a cube And that way it just looks like it's levitating because of the mirror.

Very cool and epic illusion and magic trick at the same time Definitely happy to add this magic coin bank to my collection Alright guys, that's pretty much it Thank you for watching, don't forget to give this video thumbs up And I'll see you next time! ..."

Description from Amazon: Art BankTM - The Coin Bank Full of Mystery! An artistic image appears to levitate inside of the bank. Drop in your coins and watch them disappear before your eyes. Special mystery door opens the bank only for those knowing the secret. Cube color varies. Dim. 2.75"L x 2.75"W x 2.75"D

Fascinations Art Bank Cube (colors may vary)
$7.99 - View on Amazon

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