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Fidget Spinner Gold, Metal Brass Plastic Combo Fidget Spinners Round Wheel, Focusing Toy Stress Release Spinner Lightweight for Girl and Small Hand, for Anxiety ADD ADHD and Autism
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"Holy crap guys. This guy actually has a floating fidget spinner that flies! Welcome back everyone to Top 5 Alllll Timmmeeeeee. In today's video, we're going to be going over the top 5 rarest fidget spinners, but before we start this video, I wanna let you guys know that we're gonna be giving away 10 free fidget spinners today so if you guys really want a free fidget spinner, (no) all you guys got to do is hit subscribe on my youtube channel, turn on the post notifications, like this video, and comment down below the words "fidget spinner." Now there is no limit on how many times you guys can comment down below the word "fidget spinner." So if you really want a free fidget spinner, (h)all you guys gotta do is try to comment down below as much as you guys can, and you guys have actually gotta better chance of winning a free fidget spinner today Now, also, I know this probably won't happen guys but if you guys can get this video to 25,000 likes we'll actually go ahead and include 5 free fidget spinners to one 'lucky' winner.

So, one of you lucky winners will actually be going home with six free fidget spinners today. So, anyways, without any further ado, let's get right into this video. Number 5 Coming in at number 5 is the 'Vidget Spinner'. So, either this guy named his fidget spinner the 'Vidget Spinner' or he actually bought this online. I tried searching for this online. It could not find this fidget spinner nowhere (Anywhere, double negative m8) So, this is the reason why it's a pretty rare one so it's coming in at number 5 spot. But if you guys are able, actually, to find this one let me know and I will actually, you know, pin your comment or something 'cos that's where other people can see it. But the thing with this fidget spinner is that it's pretty cool because it has these, like, metallic balls on the outside. So, for example, every single time he spins this fidget spinner it picks up all lights in his room and it makes kinda look like it is a LED fidget spinner and it's not.

It's definitely one of my favourites out on this list. But, you know the thing is there's other rare fidget spinners ahead of it, so this fidget spinner is coming in at number 5. *dubstep plays* Number 4 Coming in at number 4 is the 'Wheel Spinner' or also known as the 'Wagon Wheel' fidget spinner. Either way the both of these fidget spinners are both kinda named the same thing. But thing is with this fidget spinner is that it's not too rare. But the thing is, every single time they come out they always sell out. So, if you guys want to get your hands on one of these, I found a place on Amazon that actually does have them in stock right now. I will include down below the link in the description.

It's the first link in the description, so if you guys want to check it out feel free to go do so. But anyways, what makes this fidget spinner so awesome that it actually has such a high spin time because if you're looking on the screen now this fidget spinner is almost closing into the 5 minutes of spin time. It's pretty awesome if you guys ask me because I haven't seen too many fidget spinners go over like 3 minutes by the way almost reaching 5 minutes. So, anyways, I'm gonna let you guys go check out this video of this fidget spinner. Well, I guess that it's a pretty awesome one, if you ask me and it has a cool design to it and it's really fast. *Background noise* (#Ad) *Background noise* (#Rolex) *Background noise* (#BuyOneNowYouPLEBS) *Background noise* *Clang* (Don't fukin' break it) *Background noise* *Bang* (Jeez.

Bloody Hell.) *Background noise* Number 3 Coming in at number three is a Batman fidget spinner. So I'm sure a lot of you guys have already seen like a metal or ALUMINIUM Batman fidget spinners But there reason why this one's coming at number 3 and is the reason why it's so rare is because it's actually a wooden Batman fidget spinner And the only way you guys can actually get you hands on one of these is if, you know like, you have a friend who's made one in the past, or you guys make one yourself.

This guy actually does show you how to make one, so I will his video down below in the description, if you guys wanna check it out. But anyways, you know this guy actually made his own wooden Batman fidget spinner And this is definitely awesome if you guys love Batman, because you guys can paint it whatever colour you guys want pretty much. You guys need some stain or you know bright wood (?) paint and paint it so whatever colour. And you guys you know can actually put your own designs on it and kinda like this guy did - he put his, like, brand labels and stuff. It's definitely cool because, you know, you can do whatever you want with it And it's actually a wooden Batman fidget spinner that no one really has. After that I used Adobe Illustrator to create a Batman logo of my desired width - roughly 3.

92 inches wide. And create a hole for the bearing about 86 hundreths of an inch (0.86) in diameter. Any red lines were to cut, any black lines were engraving, and white lines were left unchanged. After that, I sent my wood through the laser cutter to print the fidget spinner. *background music* (does this remind anyone else of Sims music?...) *background music* Number 2 Coming in at number two is a(n) iPhone fidget spinner. So this guy actually took one of his older iPhone 5s' and drilled a hole right through it and made it, you know, big enough for a bearing to be placed. After he did that he actually cut the iPhone directly in half, and pretty much made it enough room for him to be able to make it a fidget spinner.

It's definitely one of the rarest fidget spinners I've probably ever seen because, like, no one has really made an iPhone fidget spinner before, if you guys think about it because actually, you know, who would, you know, destroy an older iPhone 'cos they're still worth about like a hundred dollars (USD) or so. So if you guys want one of these I would recommend you guys, you know, go getting that broken one and doing this (I had to play this video on half speed to figure out what he said here, no joke) because, you know, it's not going to be useful after (any) more after you cut it, (no shit Sherlock) So definitely go get a broken iPhone if you guys wanna make your own. This is definitely a rare iPhone, to be honest, as well.

(??) So definitely if you guys wanna go make one go ahead and go for it, just be safe with doing so. *drill noise* *more rock-y music, because why not* (some guy talking sped up, turn on the sound it's actually quite fun to listen to) *DRIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL* (smack that all on the floor, smack that give me some more....) Alriiiiight So there is... *heavy breathing lol* ...the start. Once again I made this side a little bigger, so I might have to cut off a little here if I want it to be perfectly symmetrical.

BUTT I dunno, who knows, I might just leave it how it is I'm gonna eyeball it, sjdbuisb we'll just give it our best shot. See what happens. (headphone users: TURN VOLUME DOWN) I live for this sound. Yes, please keep drilling. Please don't edit this sound out. *MOAR drilling* *Yup, still drilling* *Still Drilling.

..* *Still Drilling* *Wreckless Drilling Now...* Oh wait... I just realised he isn't drilling! It's an ankle grinder... Welp... WOAH SPARKS i'm gonna go buy some fireworks once i've finished this oh shit don't cut your hand off mate Does this seem dangerous to anyone else? No? Just me then... I mean maybe he should wear gloves? Would that help? I have no idea. Alright so... I paused to see if all his fingers were still intact I've got my standard skateboard bearing.

*click* And it is a perfect fit. (cinderella over here) Look at that. Just like Cinderella. (I fucking beat you to it m8, what you gonna do about it bruv, fite me bish) Perfect fit. *spiiinnnnnn......* HOOEEE YEAHHH So, I'm gonna put a little Super Glue on this. (other glue brands are available) And glue this baby in.

(alright calm down) *...THREE HOURS LATER...* (I hope you all read that in the SpongeBob voice) The glue's all dry. And... luefef ...would you look at that. AHEEHHHH It works pretty good. Um. Yeah, so Boogie, thanks for.. ..thanks for giving me the iPhone, and, uh, you got a new fidget spinner buddy. Number 1 Coming in at number 1 is a glass fidget spinner guys.

(Mingin' Nails, yuk m8) So, what you guys are seeing on screen now is a 100% glass fidget spinner, where everything but the bearings is made glass. But erm.. Anyways, the sell, like, clear fidget spinners that are made out of, like, acrylic and that's pretty much like plastic But ermmm... Those things are, you know, pretty cheap and you guysh can pretty much buy those anywhere But this is like legit, like (nearly)100% glass fidget spinner (so 80% glass then) So pretty much the whole outer shell. It's definitely an awesome one and if you guys are able to find one of these go and pick it up if it's really cheap because these things are like impossible to find. I tried looking online for one of these and Iooked for hours and I could not find a single glass fidget spinner online.

So, like I said if you guys are able to find one, go ahead and pick it up because it is like a super rare fidget spinner. Sorry... hours? Looking for fidget spinners...? *The Best Background Music Ever:* Extra... Alright everyone, so the moment you've all been waiting for this entire video is this floating fidget spinner. Well, it's not technically really floating. (This is worse than when I found out about Christmas.) What the person did take a piece of like fishing line or string and tied it around their hand and tied it around the fidget spinner as well. And when they go to throw the fidget spinner it makes it kinda look like it's floating and it kinda comes back with them like in their hand as if it was a yo-yo or something But if you guys think you can do this and you guys are good at magic tricks I would highly recommend you guys doing so 'cos you guys can pull a, you know, pretty awesome prank on your friends making it look like you have a floating fidget spinner that flies.

You know, if I could do this I would personally do it and mess with my friends. But ermm. I would definitely recommend you guys doing like I said if you guys are good at magic tricks. Or if you just wanna go out and learn this trick. This is an insanely awesome trick, guys. Hi(?), everyone that was the fidget spinner video I got for you today(?). Now, if you guys are like me and you guys love fidget spinners, Go and drop a like on this video lemme know which one of these videos, you guys, was your favourite. But anyways, like I said at the beginning of this video if you guys wanna a free fidget spinner we're actually gonna be giving away 10 free fidget spinners, today.

All you guys gotta do is hit subscribe on the YouTube channel, turn on the post notifications, like this video and comment down below the keyword, which is 'fidget spinner' Now, like I said you can comment down below 'fidget spinner' as much as you guys want. There's no limit on it. So, if you guys really want free fidget spinners go and comment down below as much as you guys can and you guys have a better chance of winning a free fidget spinner today But anyways, before we end off this video I want you guys to know that if we can get this video to 25,000 likes, I doubt it can happen but if you can actually get this video to 25,000 likes We'll actually give one lucky winner 5 free fidget spinners, so you guys will be walking home with 6 free fidget spinners. So anyways, thank you so much for everything, you guys are truely amazing and I will see you guys in the next video.

Score:54 'fidget spinners' approx, 5 'But/So anyways', 15 'you know's', 54 'guys', 8 'rare's', seven 'awesome's' ..."

Description from Amazon: These spinners are individually machined, handmade polished and go through rigorous post processing to make it looks awesome and spin well. These are limited in quantity as it does take time to produce them on the CNC milling machine. So get yours while supplies last. Take It! Spin It! And Enjoy It! Functions: Spend boring time, Ease For Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Increasing focus and concentration, Reducing stress and anxiety, Children and adults with autism trouble focusing, Restlessness or those who have trouble keeping still, Quitting Bad Habits, staying awake On Long Car Drives, Replace those addictive bad habits with a habit that promotes focus and concentration. What is in Box: 1 X Fidget Spinner Note: Please allows 0.1-0.2 inches or 0.1g-0.5g error as manual measurement.

Fidget Spinner Gold, Metal Brass Plastic Combo Fidget Spinners Round Wheel, Focusing Toy Stress Release Spinner Lightweight for Girl and Small Hand, for Anxiety ADD ADHD and Autism
$2.69 - View on Amazon

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