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LEGO 60134 City Town Fun in the Park People Pack Construction Set
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"(lively instrumental music) - [Voiceover] Welcome brick fans to a Lego City Fun in the Park City People Pack review here on the Brick Show. This is set 60134, and it contains 157 pieces. So not a lot in the piece count ratio here because it is a $40 set. But you do get lots of mini figs. Obviously, the City People pack is the name of it, so that's what you get.

And you get a lot of people, you get some new additions. We've got our handicap for the first time, which is a nice addition. We've got a little stroller with a little baby and a baby head, a mini fig baby head which is a lot of fun as well. A little merry-go-round, a little hot dog stand, lawn mower, a little soccer, a little miniature soccer field, some trees, some picnic tables, some bench. I mean, it is everything in the park all packed in right here.

So we'll look at each little section individually and the mini figs as we go along. First up, we'll start with our Grandpa Han and Grandma Leah mini figs. We do have the nice brown sweater. They are sitting on a navy blue park bench. There is the back print on the torsos. They do not have a back-sided face. Hardly any of these mini figs do. And there's the bench so it does hold two mini figs that you can sit next to each other directly next, or semi-next to each other.

They made amends, so you can see Han was kind enough to give her flowers. And next up is our little hot dog stand and our businesswoman. You can see we do have the umbrella here going over to keep him shaded on the hot dog stand. Now, it does move so he can grab here and move it. We do have a ketchup and mustard dispenser. Yes, you see the bun on the countertop piece there and that is how you open it to access some more dogs. And there is a little bit closer look at both of them.

Both of the torsos, neither of them have a back face to their head pieces, and they both do have a little print on the back torso. And next up, moving along we have the young man riding the bike and the young lady pushing a lawn mower. I have noticed in this set most of all the work, most, is being done by females, whether it be painting, riding or pushing the lawn mower, or the businesswoman holding the briefcase. We do have all the females doing the work. Two nice little accessories though, with the red bike.

And the red lawn mower must be a Toro and a good little build for this. May do a tutorial on that in the future. And here are those two mini figures a little closer up. Do have the suspenders, overalls on our lawn maintenance mini fig. And our bike rider is sporting a nice little outfit as well with the bike helmet, and there's the back print on the torsos. None of them have a double-sided face. Now moving along to our little merry-go-round piece, and I actually really like this little build.

You can utilize it putting this on a plate, like a bigger plate to keep that in position is going to be your best route. You are able to do that. Then you don't have to hold it as much, although it still moves pretty well without holding it down. But holding that green base piece down is what you're going to want to do. It will hold a multiple mini figures in on the merry-go-round. That part is nice, too.

You can hold them in different areas and there you go. Next to it you do see our handicap mini figure. The wheelchair piece that you can see there so we do have handles, it can be pushed. There you can see them a bit better, the print on the torso. And the wheelchair piece as well. Does have the beanie hat. Single-sided face for our handicap mini figure. For our individual on the merry-go-round, he does have a double-sided face. So one of the few that does, and there's the back print on both of our torsos.

Then next up we have our little soccer goal, I'll say. So you can add, expand onto this. We do have our painter, as mentioned. Our female painter there in the background. Do we get a soccer ball? Well, yes we do. Ad you can see there in the paint bucket is where our soccer ball went. So she had to paint it a little bit as well. There you can see our two small mini figures playing in the park.

Love the torso on the boy there with Benny's head on the shirt. And there is the back print on both Owen and Claire. And neither of them have a double-sided face. Here's our female painter. You can see she's holding the nap and roller. We do have a fence post that comes with, and she does have a bucket that the soccer ball fell into. But you can see her face and her clothes a bit better. Love the print, though on her.

And yes, she does have a double-sided face. Then lastly our little park scene with the picnic table. We do have a little basket here on the picnic table. Nice little build for that, pretty basic, pretty easy that a lot of you can make. Do get our second tree, our bus stop sign, and our stroller. And yes, our canine as well. There's the three mini figs up a little closer. And you can see the baby bottle that the mom's holding like that.

And I like how she is sporting a double-sided face. One of the few I think, only three total. There's the back print on the torsos. And there you can see a bit better how she is able to hold that baby bottle for this little guy right here who is very, very cool. You can see him a bit better when you hold the stroller up and see how he fits into our little stroller build. And you can see there too, the face, the head does come off. And the body is just all one piece. There is just one last look at your Lego City Fun in the Park City People pack.

Now, the main thing is people can say, well 157 pieces for $40 is a lot as far as price per piece ratio. However, because you get so many mini figs that is why it is showing up that way. I think all in all I think it's still a good value. This is, if you're a Lego City fan, Lego City collector, this is the way to get a lot of little added accessories, little builds, small builds. The hot dog stand, the mower, and you can even add on.

The merry-go-round you could probably make some more merry-go-rounds or add to it. Same thing with the table. But mostly it's the figures that make this set desirable. I think you've got to take that with a grain of salt or sand, depending on what park you're at with this set. This is your Fun in the Park City People pack. Thanks for watching, we'll see you guys next time here on the Brick Show. ..."

Description from Amazon: LEGO 60134 City Town Fun in the Park People Pack Construction Set

LEGO 60134 City Town Fun in the Park People Pack Construction Set
$36.00 - View on Amazon

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