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" WIL WHEATON: Everyone loves a midnight horror movie-- especially on Halloween. The only thing better than watching a movie is being the star-- something I have a little experience in. Today on "Table Top," my friend Felicia Day and Kate and Riki from Garfunkel and Oates, are here to join me to see if we can survive the "Last Night on Earth." "The Last Night on Earth" is a cooperative team-based game set in the fictional B-movie town of Woodinvale, USA, during the zombie apocalypse.

Tonight we are playing a scenario called "Escape in the Truck." For the heroes to win, they have to gas up the truck, find the keys, and drive out of town. For the zombies to win, they have to block their escape before the sun comes up. Every round, the zombies go first. They draw cards from the zombie project that will help them harvest those delicious brains. They move, attack, and find out if they get even more zombies onto the board. On the hero turn, they're just trying to stay alive.

They'll draw cards from the hero deck that give them useful items and other things to help them survive the zombies. Then, they can run away from danger toward a friend who needs help, or search an area for a hopefully useful item. The heroes will also want to invest a fair amount of time healing themselves. Because if they get wounded too many times, they die. Will the zombies go home hungry, or will this be the heroes' last night on Earth? FELICIA DAY: I am Felicia Day, and I do a variety of things with acting, writing, and producing and they are mostly on the internet.

RIKI LINDHOME: My name is Riki Lindhome, and you probably know me from acting stuff and from Garfunkel and Oates, my internet-based comedy band. KATE MICUCCI: My name is Kate Micucci, and I do acting and music, and I'm in a duo called Garfunkel and Oates. WIL WHEATON: The thing is with "Last Night on Earth," the zombie players always go first. Felicia and I are the zombie players. FELICIA DAY: Rawr. WIL WHEATON: So when it's time to go first, the zombies will go first.

But we can still get a chance to learn a little bit about Kate and Riki. I think this will be delightful and fun. They get to choose two different characters that they will each play. And we did before the game, so here we are. Ricki? RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: You are playing Johnny, the high school quarterback. You are also playing-- KATE MICUCCI: Because he's hot.

He's hot. RIKI LINDHOME: He's hot. WIL WHEATON: You're also playing Jake Cartwright, the mysterious drifter. RIKI LINDHOME: We put a lot of thought into the back stories of our characters. We worked on it all afternoon. KATE MICUCCI: I have actually in my car-- I typed out pages and pages. I left them in the car because I didn't want to seem too eager.

RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah. Johnny likes food and sex, that's his back story. WIL WHEATON: OK. RIKI LINDHOME: And Jake Cartwright likes sleeping outdoors and the "Oprah Winfrey Show." WIL WHEATON: OK, awesome. KATE MICUCCI: I feel like he has to find a DMV or a place where Oprah would be playing, because he doesn't have a TV. RIKI LINDHOME: He sleeps near there, yeah. Jake cuts the lawn at women's shelters so he can sleep and watch Oprah.

WIL WHEATON: And Kate, you're playing Sally, the high school sweetheart. And you're also playing Father Joseph, he's a man of the cloth. KATE MICUCCI: Because I really like him. OK FELICIA DAY: Why did you pick him? KATE MICUCCI: Because I just have a thing for nuns and priests. Well, I mean, not a "thing." Not a weird-- that sounded wrong.

Is it cool if you take out the priest part for me? What priest part? KATE MICUCCI: When I said I felt like I liked him because he was a priest. RIKI LINDHOME: That's not anything. KATE MICUCCI: That's not bad? RIKI LINDHOME: It's nothing. KATE MICUCCI: OK, good. RIKI LINDHOME: They're not going to put it in anyway, because it's not funny. KATE MICUCCI: Yeah, that's true.

RIKI LINDHOME: It isn't. KATE MICUCCI: Sally, she's cool, she's hip, she's happening. But she has an eating disorder, so she's really not as strong as-- WIL WHEATON: And that explains why Sally only has one wound before she dies? KATE MICUCCI: Yeah. I should have thought earlier she did have strong thighs. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. Well, if you're a high school sweetheart, you'd totally have strong thighs.

Normally at the beginning of a game we would roll to find out how many zombies we have, then we would choose where to put them on the board. We did that before we started rolling, because you don't want to watch that. That's boring. You want to see us play the game. So zombie turn. FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: All right, zombie turn. The first thing we do is move the sun track one tick towards sunrise.

This is turned 15, everybody. OK, so let's see. I am the green zombies, so I got four green zombies on the board. Zombies move one every turn, so this zombie goes rawr and comes after the priest. And this zombie's all rawr and he's going that way. RIKI LINDHOME: I think we're better heroes than zombies. Because I think zombies have more rules that they have to follow. KATE MICUCCI: Yeah, and I think also Felicia and Wil are really into the zombie sounds more than we would have been.

RIKI LINDHOME: Yes. WIL WHEATON: We should also have rolled before our turn to find out if we're going to spawn new zombies. Which I'm pretty sure we're not going to do. FELICIA DAY: Oh, no. WIL WHEATON: No, we're not spawning. FELICIA DAY: No, that is less than the number of zombies I have on the board. WIL WHEATON: OK, guys, that is the end of the zombie turn in this round.

So heroes, go ahead and go. You can coordinate between yourselves how you're going to move. RIKI LINDHOME: OK, ready? KATE MICUCCI: One, two, three. It's like starting a song. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, three and three. KATE MICUCCI: Holy [BLEEP]! RIKI LINDHOME: Oh my God! WIL WHEATON: What? RIKI LINDHOME: We're always in sync.

It's so weird. WIL WHEATON: That's a total goucher that you guys rolled four threes. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh my God. KATE MICUCCI: What does that mean? Do we win, is that it? RIKI LINDHOME: Our strategy is to make it up as we go along. KATE MICUCCI: And have fun with it, really. RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah. Well, Johnny's going to search.

WIL WHEATON: All right, go ahead and draw a card from the hero deck. KATE MICUCCI: He likes food and sex. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, Johnny's on the card. He gets a baseball bat. KATE MICUCCI: Oh, that's a good one. WIL WHEATON: Sweet, go ahead and give it to him. Look, it's even model-specific. There's like a little-- RIKI LINDHOME: And he's got a baseball bat. WIL WHEATON: He's actually holding a baseball bat.

RIKI LINDHOME: So it's meant to be. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, that's good. RIKI LINDHOME: And Jake's going to move, because he's not in-- KATE MICUCCI: He's looking for Oprah. WIL WHEATON: So Jake can go three. Where's Jake going? RIKI LINDHOME: Maybe to the gas place there? KATE MICUCCI: So, Kate, you go ahead and move your guys. KATE MICUCCI: Is it best if I stay inside? WIL WHEATON: You guys probably want to search.

RIKI LINDHOME: You should search. KATE MICUCCI: So searching meaning? RIKI LINDHOME: Job card. KATE MICUCCI: OK. I don't show you guys, right? WIL WHEATON: That's right. RIKI LINDHOME: Is it an item? WIL WHEATON: But you can show Riki. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, OK. It's an event.

KATE MICUCCI: So I just hang on to that, and then do this again for Sally? WIL WHEATON: For Sally. KATE MICUCCI: Sally. Oh! Yes. OK, so I put that here. FELICIA DAY: What did Sally get? KATE MICUCCI: It's a pitchfork. WIL WHEATON: Sally has a pitchfork.

Let's hope she doesn't feel the need to purge before this outbreak is over, because that would be-- RIKI LINDHOME: Really painful WIL WHEATON: A mess. KATE MICUCCI: So good to have, but I don't move on either of these? WIL WHEATON: No, you don't move. So new turn. RIKI LINDHOME: I think that was a really successful turn though. WIL WHEATON: Let's move the sun tracker up to 14 turns left.

I'm proud of us, I think we did a really good job. FELICIA DAY: So now I'm going to roll to see if zombies spawn. WIL WHEATON: Five! You are totally going to spawn new zombies. FELICIA DAY: I'm going to spawn how many zombies? WIL WHEATON: You're going to spawn two new zombies because you rolled that much more. KATE MICUCCI: They're so cute! WIL WHEATON: Now I'm going to see if I spawn any new zombies.

I've got four on the board, so-- nope, I will not spawn any new zombies. Now we both get to move zombies. FELICIA DAY: Yes, our zombies. Mine's going to go through the wall into the gas station, because I smelled-- WIL WHEATON: Brains! Delicious brains! FELICIA DAY: Drifter! WIL WHEATON: And now this guy's all rawr, students in the gym, rawr.

OK, so now you roll to see if you place your newly spawned zombies because we still can't fight. FELICIA DAY: OK. So I rolled a three. WIL WHEATON: So you get-- FELICIA DAY: Both, I get both my zombies. WIL WHEATON: They both come on the board. Look out, everybody, zombie's coming. FELICIA DAY: It's handsome Dr. Hannah. WIL WHEATON: Zombie Omar coming.

KATE MICUCCI: Dr. Hannah? FELICIA DAY: I don't know, Dr. Hannah-- he was called McDreamy around town. When I saw Dr. Hannah spawn in the morgue, I felt the need to embody him with character and spirit. KATE MICUCCI: RIKI LINDHOME: One, two, three. RIKI LINDHOME: Six and three. What do you have? KATE MICUCCI: Two and five. WIL WHEATON: So he's going to move there, OK.

And where's Sally going? KATE MICUCCI: I'm thinking she should move within again, right? RIKI LINDHOME: I think she should draw. KATE MICUCCI: Yeah, OK. All right. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, good call. She should search, she's not in any real danger right now. Her boyfriend Johnny, who slept with everyone except her. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, because she's anorexic and breakable.

WIL WHEATON: Yeah. KATE MICUCCI: But she has great thighs. Anorexic, but she has good thighs. WIL WHEATON: You got your Father Joseph right here. Moving doesn't help you, so you would either jump onto a zombie and try to start fighting him. Or take advantage of this chance to search, because you're going to be probably fighting zombies for the next couple of turns. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh yeah, and if you search we might find what we're looking for, which is the keys and the gas.

KATE MICUCCI: Let's search. WIL WHEATON: Maybe somebody dropped their keys in the church. KATE MICUCCI: Oh, well, I got an item. WIL WHEATON: Oh, all right. And that's for Father Joseph. Whoa! Father Joseph has a chainsaw! KATE MICUCCI: He just got way cooler. FELICIA DAY: Oh my God, I want to see this movie now! WIL WHEATON: Here you go.

FELICIA DAY: Whoa! [SCREAMS] WIL WHEATON: You get to have that. Congratulations, you have a chainsaw now. FELICIA DAY: How did you just have that here? WIL WHEATON: I'm magic, dude. RIKI LINDHOME: It's like Mary Poppins. KATE MICUCCI: I'm kind of like, what else can we draw in, like cheesecake? FELICIA DAY: Cheesecake? WIL WHEATON: I'm really hoping that there's a beer in a zombie deck.

KATE MICUCCI: This is kind of awesome. WIL WHEATON: Yes. FELICIA DAY: It's everything you want it to be, Kate. WIL WHEATON: What did you do? KATE MICUCCI: Rrrrr! RIKI LINDHOME: Ah! KATE MICUCCI: Watch out! RIKI LINDHOME: Watch out-- KATE MICUCCI: Bam! Oh, RIKI LINDHOME: You got me, I died.

I'm going to draw. FELICIA DAY: Certainly. WIL WHEATON: From right. And then we'll come back to you for-- RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, I got an item. I got an explosive. Any time during your move you may discard to douse your space with any adjacent space with gas-- OK, gasoline. WIL WHEATON: You have gasoline? RIKI LINDHOME: Yes.

WIL WHEATON: You need gasoline to win the game! KATE MICUCCI: That's a good one! RIKI LINDHOME: Oh my God! WIL WHEATON: That's good! And remember, what does Jake get to do? What is Jake's special power? RIKI LINDHOME: Draw two cards. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. RIKI LINDHOME: So I can draw another one? FELICIA DAY: What? You already have one half the game? WIL WHEATON: Draw two cards.

And does he get to keep them both or does he have to discard one? RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, choose which one to keep. WIL WHEATON: But draw the other one, because what if it's-- RIKI LINDHOME: The keys. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. Why am I helping you. RIKI LINDHOME: It's a bat. I already have a bat. WIL WHEATON: You don't want the bat, discard the bat.

Bats are for [BLEEP]. RIKI LINDHOME: Bats are for Johnny. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, and Johnny's a [BLEEP]. RIKI LINDHOME: He's a [BLEEP]. FELICIA DAY: Wow. WIL WHEATON: OK, we're going to do a little fighting now. So that's kind of exciting. All right, so Johnny is going to fight this guy whose name is Hank. KATE MICUCCI: OK, Hank and Johnny.

WIL WHEATON: Yep. All right, so go ahead, actually roll three dice for Johnny because you have a baseball bat. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, no doubles. WIL WHEATON: And then Hank, well, you beat Hank no matter what because you win on ties. OK, so Hank gets fended off. You don't kill him, he gets fended off. And then I think you have to roll a die to find out if your baseball bat breaks. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh.

WIL WHEATON: So just don't roll a one or a two. Good, your baseball bat is fine. So I believe that that is the end of the heroes phase. FELICIA DAY: So we have to do this battle right here? KATE MICUCCI: Father Joseph is ready to battle. FELICIA DAY: Here's me, this is the orange one. KATE MICUCCI: Five, six. WIL WHEATON: Oh, guess what? FELICIA DAY: Ga-- ah, this is not right! KATE MICUCCI: That Cheetos died.

WIL WHEATON: Yep. Zombie, your Cheetos are rolled in half. OK, now you get to fight this guy with the chainsaw. RIKI LINDHOME: A one and a five. WIL WHEATON: Guess what happens? KATE MICUCCI: What? FELICIA DAY: You die. KATE MICUCCI: I die? WIL WHEATON: No, you lose the fight. KATE MICUCCI: Hold on, hold on, hold on. Can I bring out one of these? WIL WHEATON: Sure.

KATE MICUCCI: When to hero's about to take a wound, prevent that wound. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, that's right. You don't take a wound. But there's the thing, you still lost that fight. It means that your chainsaw jammed and you lose the chainsaw. KATE MICUCCI: No! WIL WHEATON: Yeah, you have to discard the chainsaw. FELICIA DAY: No, that was such a good chainsaw. WIL WHEATON: I'm sorry.

Here, I've got to take it back. Put it back down here in the mysterious thing of wonders. FELICIA DAY: What else do you have down there? WIL WHEATON: Don't be looking. FELICIA DAY: I want to see what's down there! Is there cheesecake? WIL WHEATON: No, there's no cheesecake. It's the heroes' turn. RIKI LINDHOME: Yay! WIL WHEATON: So you can move or search. RIKI LINDHOME: So I'm going to draw a Jake card right now.

KATE MICUCCI: OK, go for it. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, Jake gets to do that. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, I got an item. I got a revolver. WIL WHEATON: Oh, dude! RIKI LINDHOME: You may target one zombie within range. Roll a D6, the zombie is a hit on the roll of four plus. On the role of one, the revolver is out of ammo, discard. And then this guy I shouldn't move either. So Johnny is going to-- oh my gosh, Johnny also got a revolver.

FELICIA DAY: What? WIL WHEATON: What? RIKI LINDHOME: Double revolver. FELICIA DAY: Can you have two weapons? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, you can I think. RIKI LINDHOME: Johnny has a bat, and-- because they do different things. WIL WHEATON: Hey, and I just remembered that Jake gets to search twice. So even though you probably shouldn't, go ahead and search again.

And then decide if you want to keep the revolver or whatever you just drew. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, just what I needed. KATE MICUCCI: Just what I needed! FELICIA DAY: What? WIL WHEATON: Oh no! All right, so just what I need is a super special card for the heroes. Yeah, what it means is that Ric Ocasek flies in with the body of a fly, he runs up on a piece of soap while you're trying to take a bath.

RIKI LINDHOME: Paulina Porizkova's showering. WIL WHEATON: Yep, and then he walks around on the surface of your swimming pool. Then, just for me, Phoebe Cates climbs out of that swimming pool and takes off her shirt, it's awesome. And now you get to go searching through the deck for anything you want. RIKI LINDHOME: For keys, which is what I want. WIL WHEATON: Gosh is it probably going to be the keys? RIKI LINDHOME: It's the keys. KATE MICUCCI: And ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ric Ocasek and Phoebe Cates.

RIKI LINDHOME: You look on this half, and I'll look on this half. WIL WHEATON: Oh look, how's that? Oh, we have so many cards to search through we just have to split them up between the two of us. FELICIA DAY: We're so adorable. Whatever. KATE MICUCCI: I'm just looking for keys, guys. WIL WHEATON: We're a super cute, incredibly successful musical duo that everyone loves. And look at how good we are.

KATE MICUCCI: Guess what, Riki? RIKI LINDHOME: You found it? Oh, there it is. KATE MICUCCI: We found it. FELICIA DAY: Oh my gosh. WIL WHEATON: OK, so you have to discard the revolver which I'm sure is breaking your heart. RIKI LINDHOME: Aw! WIL WHEATON: Yeah, but then you have keys-- the same guy has keys and gas? RIKI LINDHOME: Jake Cartwright.

FELICIA DAY: So Jake Cartwright, he just needs to grab one person and go? WIL WHEATON: All Jake Cartwright has to do is not get killed by that zombie. KATE MICUCCI: Oh no, oh no. Why am I scared? RIKI LINDHOME: So I put this back? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, that goes in the discard pile. And then you guys are looking good right now. And also you're doing well in the game. KATE MICUCCI: Thank you.

RIKI LINDHOME: Thank you. WIL WHEATON: Ha, ha, I just turned into a creep for a second! FELICIA DAY: Creepster! You're like a YouTube commenter. WIL WHEATON: I know, right? FELICIA DAY: Like, hey, boob sweet, ha ha ha. WIL WHEATON: All right, so you've just done your searching. So let's fight in the gym, and then roll another die for your thing.

RIKI LINDHOME: Oh! WIL WHEATON: You win. You win no matter what. FELICIA DAY: Wait-- FELICIA DAY: Describe what happened. RIKI LINDHOME: OK, so I'm Johnny. And I like to relive everything from my senior year game which I got the home run on. And so I looked at his head and I pictured it was a baseball and I hit it. It exploded, and I got a home run and I got to [BLEEP] a bunch of girls.

FELICIA DAY: That's the best. WIL WHEATON: You're the best Johnny I've ever played with in this game, that was great. Good for you, Johnny. My favorite thing about Riki is how much she's gotten into the story of her characters. That's what makes a game like this so much more than just rolling dice and hoping that you get big numbers. FELICIA DAY: Her Johnny is a douchebag. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I love to hate that guy.

It's on you. We're going to lose this game if you don't kill Jake right now. FELICIA DAY: No, basically Jake needs to die because he's got the goods. RIKI LINDHOME: He's not going to die. FELICIA DAY: We are-- WIL WHEATON: What? What? FELICIA DAY: She didn't kill me. RIKI LINDHOME: Uh uh.

FELICIA DAY: She didn't kill me. WIL WHEATON: All right, you get to roll two extra fight dice. FELICIA DAY: Oh yes! WIL WHEATON: I just played a card. The name of the card is [INAUDIBLE]. FELICIA DAY: So I can roll two more dice. WIL WHEATON: And it lets a zombie roll two extra fight dice. You rolled a five and a six. I'm also playing a card called "Undead Hate the Living.

" Play this card to hate a hero, forcing them to re-roll any number of their fight dice. FELICIA DAY: Oh, what? WIL WHEATON: OK, I hate Jake Cartwright, he has to re-roll both of his fight dice. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, crap! WIL WHEATON: The black die's no good. You rolled a three and a three. FELICIA DAY: That's good, right? WIL WHEATON: Jake still wins. FELICIA DAY: I feel like the other team has been extremely good dice rolling skills.

Or they brought their own weighted dice. RIKI LINDHOME: See, Jake is using the secret. He's using women, food, and God. He's using all of the overbooks. WIL WHEATON: Jake's using the power of psuedoscience bull [BLEEP] to defeat zombies. RIKI LINDHOME: The power of Johnathan Franzan and Eckhart Tolle and he's just moving right through it. WIL WHEATON: OK, good job. Now we roll to spawn new zombies.

FELICIA DAY: We roll to spawn a zombie. WIL WHEATON: I'm not going to spawn anything. You rolled a six? FELICIA DAY: I rolled a six. WIL WHEATON: Oh, you are spawning zombies, Felicia. FELICIA DAY: So I get to spawn some zombies. So three zombies get put in the I'd like to come out soon. WIL WHEATON: Now we move zombies, right? FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: So, he is drawn by zombie bloodlust there. FELICIA DAY: This is the problem here.

WIL WHEATON: This one over here is drawn by zombie bloodlust there. FELICIA DAY: Wait, I've got to move mine. WIL WHEATON: Oh right, sorry. FELICIA DAY: Would you move mine from the car surfing into-- yes, right there. But you know, Dr. Hannah-- WIL WHEATON: Yeah? WIL WHEATON: Dr. Hannah just remembers operating on a woman named Louise last week, she had an appendectomy.

So he's going to go over here and just perform the surgery on air. So it's really sad cut to. RIKI LINDHOME: It's so sad. WIL WHEATON: It's oddly specific zombie behavior. FELICIA DAY: He's just having a flashback. He has a sliver of humanity left. WIL WHEATON: It's time for the zombies to attack your ass. FELICIA DAY: Oh! WIL WHEATON: So why don't we just resolve clockwise? So my first-- RIKI LINDHOME: So this guy? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, my first zombie attacks Jake, he rolls a three.

RIKI LINDHOME: I got two twos. WIL WHEATON: Jake rolls-- double twos? RIKI LINDHOME: Boom, you're dead. WIL WHEATON: Wait, did you also roll a four? RIKI LINDHOME: I got double twos. WIL WHEATON: No, no, you don't win. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, because it's lower? Well wait, I have to be higher and get doubles? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. Oh no, guess what I have for you? A wound marker.

Guess what? KATE MICUCCI: Just put it in the discard pile. RIKI LINDHOME: It's OK. WIL WHEATON: Now this zombie's going to attack you. OK? KATE MICUCCI: You got it, you got it. WIL WHEATON: I rolled a six. Here's another wound for Jake Cartwright. KATE MICUCCI: Uh oh. WIL WHEATON: Felicia, kill that [BLEEP] drifter.

KATE MICUCCI: I can't look. WIL WHEATON: Oh, you rolled double fours! RIKI LINDHOME: Double fours. WIL WHEATON: We've got a tie! KATE MICUCCI: What does that mean? WIL WHEATON: It means that Felicia wins on a tie. RIKI LINDHOME: But the single beats the double? So my guy dies? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. When we mobbed the drifter, awesome. FELICIA DAY: Good times.

KATE MICUCCI: We'll remember Jake. RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah, poor Jake. WIL WHEATON: See, your new character will be Sheriff Anderson, the small town lawman. He starts in the middle of the board. So he was like hey guys, by the way, I've been sleeping in the truck all this time. What's going-- zombies? FELICIA DAY: What? WIL WHEATON: What's going on? RIKI LINDHOME: I should help.

WIL WHEATON: And the zombies have now all knocked Jake on the ground and they're eating him. This is like a really gross scene in the movie. FELICIA DAY: In my mind, I had his intestines in my teeth. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, and in my mind, one of my other zombies had the other end of the intestines and those two zombies came together. FELICIA DAY: It was kind of like-- WIL WHEATON: It was like that movie with the dogs. FELICIA DAY: "Lady and the Tramp." WIL WHEATON: "Lady and the Tramp.

" Yeah, it was just like that. Now we move the zombies, right? So let's see, rah, he's going to come this way. FELICIA DAY: Mine gets confused and goes the other way. OK and then my guy's all rah! FELICIA DAY: Yeah, and then this guy, he's confused, too. They're all drunk on intestine wall. So my guy goes this way. And then Dr.

Hannah-- RIKI LINDHOME: Is he still doing the surgery during on air? WIL WHEATON: What's happening with Dr. Hannah? FELICIA DAY: I feel like Dr. Hannah remembered that he needed to give an injection to an older woman named Bertha who has type 2 diabetes. WIL WHEATON: Do you think maybe Dr. Hannah might go looking through a file cabinet on his next turn, realize that we're about to lose the game, and get a note that says leave the [BLEEP] hospital and come out and try to eat some humans? FELICIA DAY: Do you know what's going to happen? People are going to give Dr.

Hannah more backstory. They're going to figure out what medical school he went to. They're going to figure out what he dreams about at night. WIL WHEATON: He's an illiterate doctor! FELICIA DAY: No, that is not his back story! WIL WHEATON: That's the saddest thing ever! FELICIA DAY: Stop giving Dr. Hannah backstory! Dr. Hannah is responsible, he got straight A's in medical school, he had a slight addiction to Xanax, illegally, but he overcame that and now he just has a whiskey problem. And now he's going to go to give Bertha her insulin injection.

WIL WHEATON: I [BLEEP] hate Dr. Hannah. RIKI LINDHOME: I think Felicia's a terrible player because of her whole Dr. Hannah strategy. FELICIA DAY: Dr. Hannah wakes up sleepy and tries to turn the TV on. Because he really likes watching "General Hospital." WIL WHEATON: Listen, would you just-- FELICIA DAY: Dr. Hannah had so much paperwork he forgot to do that. He's going to go into here in this reception area and just file around.

And then he's going to find some naughty pictures of the Hispanic receptionist, Maria Sanchez. And he's going to-- Dr. Hannah remembers that he left a really good salmon salad sandwich in the mini fridge in the doctor waiting room, and that's over here. And he is really into salmon salad. It's very healthy-- omega-3 fatty acids. I am a role player, and I shouldn't have to apologize for making Dr.

Hannah a fully-fledged zombie back story. So I'm going to attack. WIL WHEATON: He's going to spend a turn eating his salmon instead of moving? FELICIA DAY: Yes. I'm role-playing! WIL WHEATON: He's not going to take his sandwich with him and maybe go after a guy? FELICIA DAY: He's taking a nap then, because he has post-salmon sleepies.

OK, so listen, I'm not a hero but I have to role-play something. I'm going to attack the priest. Did you attack? WIL WHEATON: No, you go ahead. You attack the priest. FELICIA DAY: I'm going to attack the priest. Forget that. That is a-- WIL WHEATON: Five and a six. Bring those dice together so everybody can see.

FELICIA DAY: All right, and now you attack the priest. WIL WHEATON: Now I'm going to attack the priest. Four? RIKI LINDHOME: You can do it. KATE MICUCCI: No, no, no. WIL WHEATON: Oh, no, you rolled doubles which would kill me, but I rolled more than you so you take a wound, finally! Finally! I finally hurt you! FELICIA DAY: Yay.

RIKI LINDHOME: It's called you don't matter. You don't matter, these people matter. It's OK. FELICIA DAY: So I'm going to attack Johnny. WIL WHEATON: OK, now attack Johnny. Kill that nerd. Uh oh! RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, no! WIL WHEATON: Wounded! FELICIA DAY: Wounded! KATE MICUCCI: Crap, this game is getting really hard.

WIL WHEATON: So go ahead and roll to see what happens. RIKI LINDHOME: Double fours! WIL WHEATON: OK, so four for Sally, four for the Father. Sally can-- FELICIA DAY: Sally can move to the car. RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah, you got to go to the car. KATE MICUCCI: So can I just do that as one, two? WIL WHEATON: She's in the car. KATE MICUCCI: Yes! FELICIA DAY: When I saw Sally finally get to the truck with the keys, I knew that we were messed up.

WIL WHEATON: And now it the zombie's turns. We move-- you guys traded, right? FELICIA DAY: You guys want to get in that car soon. WIL WHEATON: So it's us now. KATE MICUCCI: But I am curious, how is Dr. Hannah doing? FELICIA DAY: You know, Dr. Hannah, he's getting a little lonely. So he's going to touch himself inappropriately. KATE MICUCCI: Aw! RIKI LINDHOME: He needs little zombie friends.

WIL WHEATON: Is he just going right through the hole in his hand? FELICIA DAY: Well, that's what I'm saying. It fell off. KATE MICUCCI: Oh. FELICIA DAY: It's a sad thing in there. We need to move all our zombies, right? RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah. FELICIA DAY: So I'm going to move, rargh. WIL WHEATON: I also get to roll to spawn new zombies, even though it's probably not going to happen.

FELICIA DAY: He's going to move to the morgue to do that dirty [INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: One, two, three, four, five. Did you roll for zombies? FELICIA DAY: Yes, I did. I did not get new ones. WIL WHEATON: I get a new zombie because I rolled a six. FELICIA DAY: And you get to attack. WIL WHEATON: Ready? FELICIA DAY: Let's do this. WIL WHEATON: Let's do this.

RIKI LINDHOME: One more time. WIL WHEATON: I rolled a four. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, shoot. WIL WHEATON: And you rolled a four. KATE MICUCCI: What does it mean? RIKI LINDHOME: He dies. WIL WHEATON: It means that he's dead. FELICIA DAY: You got nothing? WIL WHEATON: D- E-A- D. This actually works out really well for you. Because now you are going to have two people in the truck.

KATE MICUCCI: What do you mean? WIL WHEATON: You have to get two people-- RIKI LINDHOME: We get another character. WIL WHEATON: You got to get two people in the truck. Your new character is Billy the Sheriff's son. FELICIA DAY: Goodbye, Sheriff, bye. WIL WHEATON: Oh, no, the Sheriff, your son is now in the game. Turns out Billy was also sleeping in the back of the truck, and the Sheriff just forgot to wake him up when he left.

FELICIA DAY: I think it actually helped them to actually die. Because then they had new people appear in the truck they needed to escape in. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, yeah, that actually really helped them a lot. RIKI LINDHOME: It's Kate's turn, right? KATE MICUCCI: Yeah, who am I fighting? FELICIA DAY: You're not fighting anybody. WIL WHEATON: You're not fighting anybody because both of your guys are busy in the truck.

Mom and dad are fighting! RIKI LINDHOME: No, you want to move this guy out. Because you want to fight this one. So maybe kill that one. FELICIA DAY: That's a good idea. RIKI LINDHOME: You've got to roll and move that over there. KATE MICUCCI: Riki, you are on it. WIL WHEATON: Riki, you are super good at this game. Did he put his pants on before he got out to do that? KATE MICUCCI: Six and two. No, he didn't.

It was very awkward. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, he can totally move. I feel like I have to point out another thing to your guys that you could have done because you just didn't think of it. They're in the same space. She gives him the keys. She's like I don't want to live another day without you. Jake, here, take these keys. I'm going to go pitchfork that zombie. No, you can't go! I must.

And then she goes out. A little role reversal empowered women. I gave the girls bad advice. I told them to go out of the truck. I didn't realize that Sally could have stayed in the truck and done all that pitchforky stuff in the truck. And I'm sure [INAUDIBLE] going to be mad at me about that. They're going to be like, you did not play "Last Night on Earth" in the optimal way. RIKI LINDHOME: So basically all I have to do is get in there.

FELICIA DAY: Well, you get in there and spend a whole turn in there turning the gas on and putting the gas in the car. The humans might probably exscape. WIL WHEATON: Did you say exscape? FELICIA DAY: Shut up. WIL WHEATON: Why don't you axe her again. Now we move zombies. Yeah, that zombie has to go there because of zombie blood lust. That zombie has to go there because of zombie bloodlust.

Gosh, Felicia, what's Dr. Hannah going to do? FELICIA DAY: Dr. Hannah sees that there's a "People" magazine in the waiting room and he really wants to know about that latest celebrity wedding. I really messed up when I made Dr. Hannah picked up "People," because he's much more a "Popular Mechanics" kind of guy. WIL WHEATON: Oh, come on! And now I got one more zombie that can fight her. RIKI LINDHOME: Two. Uh oh.

Uh oh. WIL WHEATON: Die! Yes! FELICIA DAY: Yes! WIL WHEATON: Brains! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. And that zombie on the zombie turn is going to be so full of energy and excitement. FELICIA DAY: Even if she was anorexic, there is enough there. WIL WHEATON: There is enough there.

And now you get a new card. Your new character's Becky the nurse. RIKI LINDHOME: Maybe Becky can repopulate. WIL WHEATON: Becky the nurse shows up in the truck which makes kids feel-- they're really excited. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, it the zombies' turn. WIL WHEATON: Zombie turn. Zombies go move that to four. And now we move our zombies. I'm imagining we're all going to go into the truck.

KATE MICUCCI: Oh, they can go in the truck? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, of course we can. We're all one square away. This game is totally about teamwork. FELICIA DAY: Except a little bit of teamwork. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, and also Dr. Hannah, who apparently is playing on his own team. OK so what happens now is-- FELICIA DAY: The truck was filled up on Johnny's turn. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, the truck is already filled up. It's your turn now? We're done? It's your turn? FELICIA DAY: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

WIL WHEATON: Are you going to leave the Sheriff to die? RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Then what happens is, you step on the gas, the zombies fall off the truck. You guys drive out of town. RIKI LINDHOME: And the Sheriff dies. WIL WHEATON: The heroes have survived the last night on Earth. RIKI LINDHOME: Yay! This is without a doubt the best day of our lives.

KATE MICUCCI: I still am like trying to-- like, is this real? RIKI LINDHOME: I know. It's better than the day we were born. KATE MICUCCI: Pretty much. RIKI LINDHOME: Really. This was amazing. WIL WHEATON: Look, you guys get to go downstairs to the victory wall where you're going to get a trophy. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, good. WIL WHEATON: And we get to go to Dr.

Hannah's lounge. Which we normally call the loser's lounge, but tonight it's called Dr. [BLEEP] Hannah's lounge. Let's go see, I wonder if Dr. Hannah's going to be on the couch? I'm pretty sure he is. KATE MICUCCI: Well, I think-- thank you, by the way. RIKI LINDHOME: You think thank you by the way? WIL WHEATON: You think? Are you sure? RIKI LINDHOME: I think thank you.

WIL WHEATON: I think you're welcome. You know how we always do that joke about how it looks like bourbon, but it isn't really bourbon? FELICIA DAY: Uh huh. WIL WHEATON: I'm not going to do that joke today. FELICIA DAY: Why not? WIL WHEATON: Because I want you to sit here and think about what Dr. Hannah would do. Yeah.

I'm going downstairs to talk to Kate and Riki about winning the game. FELICIA DAY: Dr. Hannah, do you want some not bourbon? You do. WIL WHEATON: Now, your untainted victory. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh, gosh. WIL WHEATON: Is memorialized with the Table Top trophy of awesome! RIKI LINDHOME: Oh my God.

WIL WHEATON: Look at that. KATE MICUCCI: Oh, my heart's beating so fast. RIKI LINDHOME: I never won anything before. WIL WHEATON: Really? RIKI LINDHOME: Yeah, this is the first time anything good has happened. WIL WHEATON: Well, I think we have to make sure that everyone knows that this is your trophy. I'm putting your name on it. RIKI LINDHOME: I'm going to keep it forever. WIL WHEATON: Riki and Kate.

There you go, Don't get too attached to it. KATE MICUCCI: I'll get it on the weekends. WIL WHEATON: Make a speech. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh my gosh. WIL WHEATON: Go ahead, make a speech. KATE MICUCCI: This just means so much really. RIKI LINDHOME: This is the best thing that's ever happened to us. KATE MICUCCI: I'm like shaking. RIKI LINDHOME: I know, I can't even hold it. KATE MICUCCI: I'm really shaking so much.

WIL WHEATON: I have to take the trophy back. KATE MICUCCI: Why? RIKI LINDHOME: Why? WIL WHEATON: Because we don't have enough in the budget to afford more than one trophy. RIKI LINDHOME: How much is the trophy? WIL WHEATON: $1,000. RIKI LINDHOME: Oh. WIL WHEATON: But you get to keep this tape with your name on it. KATE MICUCCI: That's nice! WIL WHEATON: So everyone knows for the rest of the day that that's who you are! RIKI LINDHOME: It's so special! Thank you.

WIL WHEATON: Yay! Congratulations, you guys. RIKI LINDHOME: Thank you. WIL WHEATON: Happy Halloween, everybody at home. Happy Halloween, Kate and Riki. KATE MICUCCI: Happy Halloween. WIL WHEATON: And we'll see you next time on Table Top. RIKI LINDHOME: Bye. RIKI LINDHOME: I want to learn how to make your water gates flow.

I'm [INAUDIBLE] that I might never know. How to HJ your LB Johnson know less about Dicks and Samantha Ronson. I should have explored new frontiers like Wil Wheaton, but I was more conservative than Alex P. Keaton. I've fallen into crisis just like the DOW, I want to give a handle, but I don't know how. Do do do do, yeah. FELICIA DAY: Wow. You are certainly-- WIL WHEATON: Garfunkle and Oates, ladies and gentlemen.


Description from Amazon: Last Night on Earth The Zombie Game is a fast-paced game of brain-eating zombies, small town heroes and horror movie action. Players take on the role of either the heroes, working together to make it through the night or the zombies, unending waves of undead spreading over the town like a plague. Featuring a modular board, eight heroes to choose from and several different scenarios to play that drastically change the game. Last Night on Earth is designed to create a cinematic feel as the story and game unfolds. For 2-6 players. Takes 60-90 minutes. Modular game boards. Heroes versus Zombies.

Last Night On Earth - The Zombie Game
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