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Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6-Inch Laptop (59406636) Dusk Black
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From the FatedCb channel:

Transcript from FatedCb:

"Alright guys so today I'm gonna be reviewing the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p gonna go ahead and do some gameplay later on but first I'm going to show you some the ports and all that stuff so here we have the Kingston Lock, the SLI 750m GPU headphone and mic jack along with a 3.0 USB port. JBL audio speakers you can see right here and we also have micro SD card and your indicator lights and two USB ports along with an HDMI out a Ethernet port.

VGA port fan for the CPU and CPU heatsink and all, power, and that is the recovery button got a backlit keyboard a touchpad which this touchpad has some issue so at first you gotta go into the settings and turn off the gestures because this thing will just go nuts on you, there have been some talks about the wifi issues I have run into a couple issues with the wifi primarily at school I had some issues where it would drop connection but here at my house i have had no issue what I ended up doing was just uninstalling the drivers and just completely uninstalling and letting Windows find a driver for it and it works perfectly now I don't have any issues with it I get good speed on it so no issue there but I'm gonna go ahead and load up some game-playing show y'all how well the SLI works, everything like that gonna give you some temp readings and frames all that good stuff well anyways this kinda gives you a glempse of what mid range games run at.

now if its Battlefield gets a little bit less than this i will post some benchmark videos maybe some gameplay of some other games here but this is what i play daily overall this is a really great computer it's fast it does everything that you need it to do it might not be the best for high-end gaming but this is a definitely mid-range and will last you a few years 4 or 5 maybe at mid-range gaming and then you know do all your daily task of course, other than the WiFi issues and the touchpad issues its its really a great PC the speakers are really great I would play some music for you or some some sound free all but I mean it would only matter by how well your stereo is, so if you can get this for under 1200 it would definitely be a great buy if you are going to purchase this make sure you do get the model with the the 24 gigabyte SSD M.

2 because that is really a great thing, the express cache really makes a big difference I'm going to post another video about how quick this thing boots it's really fantastic it's a low-budget the build quality could have been a little bit better for the money that you paying it is really a great laptop if you all have any questions please thumbs up and subscribe and I'll be talking at you ..."

Description from Amazon: A High-performance notebook with looks to match, the Idea Pad Y510p notebook looks as serious about performance as it is entertainment. The latest 4th gen Intel Core processor, high-performance, dual NVIDIA graphics and premium JBL designed audio combine to make this a true multimedia powerhouse. The Idea Pad Y510p brings video, music and games to life.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6-Inch Laptop (59406636) Dusk Black
$1679.99 - View on Amazon

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