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MagiDeal Props Autorotation Rotating Nut Off Bolt Screw Close Up Magic Gimmick Tricks
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From the Jumanji TM channel:

Transcript from Jumanji TM:

"Today I have some decent tricks for you that you can do with magnets. First off we need a magnet a battery and a copper wire. Wrap the copper wire around a candle. The candle should be a little thicker than the battery. and a house If you this trick with a thin battery then you can just wrap it around some Eding or similar. should be looking like this. The battery should be easily fit in. Wrap the one End of the wire to the inside, and if it is possible you are going to place it right in the middle. If you got it in the right middle spot, you can check it with a knife. Or just put a battery on top and spin. The other end I´m gonna wrap up Place the end of it also in the middle Just put it on the battery, so the end of the wire is touching the battery's plus side and the other end is touching the magnet.

To get the wire straight again, i am connecting on side so the cordless drill and the other one I´m gonna hold This wire is viable again for me I am folding it right in the middle, so i am getting two simmulat lenghs, you see? perfect ! Now I´m bending a curve fold it apart, should be in the shape of a heart, and at the bottom enough space, to establish contact with the magnet For this trick I´m using the small battery but I´m gonna wind the whole copper wire around the big battery.

Now I´m gonna stick some magnets in the front and on the back. Where you can find powermagnets like this, just look at the link in the description. And now we got sort of a train. If you got a bigger amount of copper wire then you can build up a huge track and the train, made out of magnets and a battery As AmazingScience showed us once, you just let it drive inside. Look how i am removing the screw without turning it. Even straight up it isn't a problem for me. But I will tell you the trick, before you gonna beat me up There is an adaptet for the screw with which I can push the screwhead away. Inside it there is room for a little battery.

put the battery in and the screw head on top No fear, thats not real blood, I just played around with black markers Now put on the screw This brown tape is used to hide a little magnet at my thumb And everytime I am getting near to the battery with the magnet, the screw starts spinning. The link for the cool screw is in the description. Yeah I hope you liked the video, see you tomorrow, bye. ..."

Description from Amazon: Description:Magician first demonstrates a bolt and a nut to audiences. Then he randomly choose one of them and asks the person to fasten the nut onto the bolt a few rounds. The magician then holds the bolt by two fingers wearing short sleeves and it's time for the magic to happenThe magician puts a spell on the device and the nut gradually moves on its own, no interference by the magician, then spins off from the bolt. The magician passes the separate pieces to the audience for inspection. They look just like any ordinary bolt and nut . You can perform the trick in any condition without practicing any skillsThe performer borrows a ring and threads off the nut and places the ring on the bolt and threads the nut back on. You now show the ring cannot be removed unless you take the nut offYou lock the padlock onto the bolt and have the spectator hold the keys, you place the bolt under the table for only a moment, you now bring up the ring and then the bolt with the nut and lock still on itYou have magically removed the ringSize Chart:5cmPackage Includes:1 x Nut Off Bolt Magic Set

MagiDeal Props Autorotation Rotating Nut Off Bolt Screw Close Up Magic Gimmick Tricks
$3.61 - View on Amazon

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