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REVELL OF GERMANY 04892 1/72 Dassault Rafale M
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From the ★ Starfish ★ channel:

Transcript from ★ Starfish ★:

"welcome to my build review of the Dassault Rafale M from Revell in the scale 1:72 as always, some short history about my choice of this model. I always thought about the Rafale as the ugly twin of the eurofighter typhoon until i saw the rafale live at an airshow in 2016. I was not only impressed by the performance of both the jet and pilot, but also by the beauty of the rafale. Of course it has some similarities to the Eurofighter, but all in all I like the rafale more because it just has more curves and appears more elegant to me than the Eurofighter. If you want to see the full video of the Rafale as well as other videos from the Airpower airshow in Austria just check them out on my channel. I chose this version of the model mostly because I want to stick to the 1:72 scale and because of the remarkable decals.

I dont speak french but If I understood correctly they painted this rafale to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the rafale itself and the anniversary of the 11th squadron. there are also decals for the 12th squadron in the box but they look rather boring. this model consists of 73 parts, comes in the difficulty 3/5 and I got it from amazon. If you want to build the same model just check the affiliate links in the description of this video. now finally to the building process. if you have seen my previous videos about the eurofighter and FA-18, you might know that I'm currently in some kind of re-entry to building models after approx.

10 years. I'm still learning from tutorials and i also got a few tips in the comments. so in order to improve my work, I bought some white spirit to thin the enamel paint and a larger flat brush. I have to admit that I never thinned the paint before but that tip was very useful as you will see later. I also made a lot of use of the masking tape as you can see here. the weird thing with the rafale is that there are no decals for the cockpit so i used some acrylic paint and a needle to add some detail to the instruments. furthermore I wanted to place a pilot in the cockpit.

this pilot does NOT come with the rafale, I took it from the Su-27 Flanker that I still have to build because that model comes with 2 pilots. however after painting the pilots I had some problems fitting the ejection seat in between those two parts. as you can see, the pilot was way too close to the head up display so I had to use a rasp to remove some material so the seat would fit in there. I glued the fuselage together, fixed it with clothspins and waited for a day or so until I continued with the nose and intakes. then i mixed the white spirit with a darker grey and painted the model with 4 or 5 thin layers.

while the paint was drying, i already painted the wheels and other parts. and again, the masking tape helped me a lot. unfortunately an issue appeared when i tried to paint the stabilizer with this blue color. i tried to mix it with black enamel paint but at this point I did not know that those smaller cans contain acrylic paint and of course you can't mix acrylic paint with enamel. so I only painted the stabilizer in black and continued with the decals. even though the rafale comes with some of the smallest decals I've ever seen, I did not have any serious issues, thanks to micro sol. but they are not only tiny but also numerous; I counted about 25 decals on ONE of the fuel tanks alone.

the decals took a lot of time but look really nice. when i was done with them i added some more details and mounted the landing gear. i totally dig the look of the reeinforced landing gear of the marine version of the rafale, even though it was a pain in the ass to get it done. after finally finishing the landing gear, I mounted the fuel tanks and 4 MICA air to air missiles. you have to drill a few small holes for the armament and the refuiling probe. i simply used a hot needle for that purpose. This time, I tried to highlight the panel lines with a pencil and a fine pigment liner.

after that, i finally seated the pilot in the cockpit. that guy consists of three parts and i had to remove a bit of his butt to fit him in there nicely. I wasn't sure if I should open or close the canopy but because of the missing decals for the instruments and the pilot blocking the view on the instruments anyways, i decided to close it. so here it is, the dassault rafale from revell. even though i'm very satisfied with the outcome I could still use some tips from you guys! let me know what you think about my progress and use the links in the description if you want to build it yourself. My next modell will be the mig 29 from Italeri, of course in the scale 1 to 72 because its just nice to have the jets in the same scale and compare them.

It would be awesome if you leave me some feedback and hit that like button! thanks for watching, bye! ..."

Description from Amazon: The Rafale is a highly developed twin engine fighter aircraft of the current generation. The Rafale M is the naval version for carrier deployment. It is able to fulfil the roles of both interceptor, reconnaissance aircraft and fighter-bomber. The Rafale offers extraordinary mission effectiveness due to its large radius of action, enormous payload, precise fire control system and system redundancy. It has often proven its excellent capabilities during numerous missions in Afghanistan and Libya.- Detailed cockpit - Textured surfaces - Detailed undercarriage - Detailed exhaust nozzles - Pylons for external loads - 2 auxiliary tanks - 2 MICA or MAGIC guided missiles - Authentic decal set for following versions: - Dassault Rafale M #32 - 90 ans 11F / 10ans Rafale 12F BAN Landivisiau 2012 - Dassault Rafale M #17 Flottille 12F - BAN Landivisiau 2011

REVELL OF GERMANY 04892 1/72 Dassault Rafale M
$17.93 - View on Amazon

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