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" WIL WHEATON: When I describe some of the games I love to my non-gamer friends, their eyes sort of glaze over as they tune me out before telling me, I'm sorry, dude, that just sounds way too complicated. Well, the beauty of a game like "Fluxx" is that the rules are incredibly simple. You draw a card, and then you play a card. Ish. You see, the thing is the rules are constantly in flux. Today on "TableTop," my friends Chloe Dykstra, Alex Albrecht, and Jordan Mechner are here to play the latest themed version of "Fluxx" with me.

It is set in a world that is very familiar to some of us. This is "Star Fluxx." "Fluxx" is a fast-paced, weird, silly card game that was designed by two NASA scientists. This is the game that proves definitively that scientists have a sense of humor. Don't take my word for it. That's science. The basic rules are very simple. You draw a card and you play a card. When you play a card, you can change the rules. Now we have to draw three cards.

Now we have to play four cards. The rules are constantly changing. You win the game by putting keeper cards on the table in front of you. But you don't know which keeper cards are actually valuable and which ones are worthless until a goal is established. But don't get too attached to the goal, because the goal is also going to change. Now, we can play these action cards on our turns that let us do neat and special things.

And we can also play surprise cards when it's not our turn, just to mess with the other players in the game. "Star Fluxx," the version of "Fluxx" we're playing today, introduces these cards called creepers. Creepers attach themselves to keepers and make it impossible for you to win the game. This kind of creeper, Malfunction, attaches to a mechanical keeper. This kind of creeper, Brain Parasites, attaches itself to a biological keeper. Some of our keepers will also give us special powers that we can use.

Are you confused? Don't be. The rules are going to change. It is time to play "Fluxx." ALEX ALBRECHT: My name is Alex Albrecht. I started an internet television show called "Diggnation" about 6 and 1/2 years ago. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Hi, I'm Chloe Dykstra, and I'm a game reviewer slash model slash TV host. JORDAN MECHNER: I'm Jordan Mechner. I'm a writer and game designer.

I did a game called "Prince Of Persia," and one before that called "Karateka". WIL WHEATON: All right, so, Chloe, you're going to go first. CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right. WIL WHEATON: Right now our basic rules are draw one, play one. We all have three cards. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Can we have a look? WIL WHEATON: Feel free to look at them now. CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right.

WIL WHEATON: And let's go. Let's play "Fluxx." CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right. So I'm going to go ahead and draw. I have no idea what I'm doing. Just take one and throw it on the table, and hope it works. I think I might have to play Teleport Chamber. JORDAN MECHNER: Oh, lord. WIL WHEATON: All right. All right. Chloe's first keeper is a Teleport Chamber.

My turn. Drawing a card and playing a card. I will say that our goal right now is to have the City of Monsters. So the player who has the Alien City and the Bug Eyed Monster on the table will win the game. You can't have a strategy in "Fluxx." My strategy today was to have fun with some extremely funny people. ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, my favorite kind of monster. WIL WHEATON: Right. Yes.

ALEX ALBRECHT: I hate those normal-eyed monsters. WIL WHEATON: I know, they're not even frightening at all. ALEX ALBRECHT: I know, it's like, I can't take you seriously, monster. I can see you straight. JORDAN MECHNER: Yeah, yeah. The Engineer. WIL WHEATON: Yes? JORDAN MECHNER: All right. WIL WHEATON: Engineer. So that's a keeper subject to Brain Parasites.

Also, it's a great card because it kind of looks like Kaylee. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Yeah, I was going to say-- WIL WHEATON: All right, Alex, you're up. ALEX ALBRECHT: Excuse me, my millionaire vocalization. [CLEARING THROAT] WIL WHEATON: No, you sound like you're talking about tearing down an amusement park. ALEX ALBRECHT: Those kids don't need that land. CHLOE DYKSTRA: We need condominiums. ALEX ALBRECHT: We need condominiums.

OK, I'm going to play the Laser Pistol. WIL WHEATON: If a creeper has attached itself to your keeper, then the laser-- ALEX ALBRECHT: Then that keeper is on my laser pointer. CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right. Draw two and use them. I'll go ahead and place-- WIL WHEATON: Oh, nice action. Chloe's got an action card. CHLOE DYKSTRA: So here's the discard pile. ALEX ALBRECHT: Now, you have to play both, right? This is where you get the fun "Fluxx," where you're like, I don't want to play this card.

Some of the early "Fluxxes" are pretty quick and a little easier, but "Star Fluxx" is way more complex. This has a little bit more, like the keepers do things, and the creepers attach to things, rather than just being there. I mean, so it's really fun. CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right, so, well-- WIL WHEATON: What's this card? Punch yourself in the face? That's a terrible card. I hate that.

[WHIMPERING] ALEX ALBRECHT: It's the stop hitting yourself card. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself. So we've got What Doctor? Where? The player who has the Doctor and the Time Traveler on the table wins. That's my favorite goal so far. WIL WHEATON: All right, so that's a new goal. I'm going to take the old goal and discard it.

CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh, we discard it. OK. And then we have the Space Jackpot. Oh my god. ALEX ALBRECHT: Space Jackpot! WIL WHEATON: Space Jackpot! ALEX ALBRECHT: It's like a regular jackpot in space. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh my god. So I draw five extra cards, and then add them to my hand, and then discard two cards. All right.

Now I have to discard two. JORDAN MECHNER: You know what this game reminds me of? Calvin Ball. You read "Calvin and Hobbes?" WIL WHEATON: That's a-- ALEX ALBRECHT: That's really funny. WIL WHEATON: I can't believe that I've never thought of that. You're absolutely right. ALEX ALBRECHT: He just changed the rules as he goes along. Yep.

WIL WHEATON: Calvin Ball. ALEX ALBRECHT: That's exactly what this game is. WIL WHEATON: It's from before you were born. CHLOE DYKSTRA: I don't know what that is. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, it's from before you were born. JORDAN MECHNER: Oh, you're in for a treat. CHLOE DYKSTRA: OK, all right. ALEX ALBRECHT: You were an amoeba. CHLOE DYKSTRA: 88. All right. So-- ALEX ALBRECHT: This game just got depressing.

What happened? WIL WHEATON: I know, I know. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Let's go ahead and just get rid of some of these goals, because who needs goals in life? I don't. WIL WHEATON: OK, it's my turn. We're still drawing one and playing one. ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, we haven't changed any of the rules yet. WIL WHEATON: Let's see here. But not for long! New rule, everybody.

New rule. CHLOE DYKSTRA: You guys get ready. ALEX ALBRECHT: Here we go. WIL WHEATON: The Wormhole. Once per turn, you may take the top card from the draw pile and immediately play it. This does not count as one of your draw or play actions. The Wormhole comes in very early in play in this particular game, and it adds a whole other layer of randomness to the game. That rule is in effect, and I'm going to do it, man.

Draw it and play it. New goal. Landing Party. ALEX ALBRECHT: Uh-oh. WIL WHEATON: If you have the Expendable Crewman on the table, along with any two of the following, Captain, Doctor, Scientist, and Engineer, you win the game. By the way, I like it when the Expendable Crewman comes in, because whenever there's an Expendable Crewman around anywhere, I feel invincible. I just start doing all kinds of stupid stuff.

JORDAN MECHNER: Is this Wormhole optional? Or-- WIL WHEATON: It is optional. It says once per turn, you may take up to a card. JORDAN MECHNER: Just take a card and play it. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, yeah. And it doesn't count toward your draw and play kind of thing. ALEX ALBRECHT: It's kind of like a bonus. JORDAN MECHNER: The Wormhole is really, it's a matter of do you feel lucky? I'm feeling lucky.

I think I'm going to do it. WIL WHEATON: Are you going to Wormhole? JORDAN MECHNER: I'm going to do it. WIL WHEATON: Here we go. Here we go. What's in the Wormhole, Jordan? JORDAN MECHNER: Distress Call. WIL WHEATON: All players draw one card from the deck. Maybe clockwise around the table, starting with you? ALEX ALBRECHT: Sure. I like starting with me.

WIL WHEATON: All right. And now it is to me. Now, Jordan. You still get to draw one and play one. JORDAN MECHNER: I still get to draw one and play one. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. JORDAN MECHNER: OK. OK. WIL WHEATON: I'm not quite sure what to make out of that expression.

ALEX ALBRECHT: I know. I was like, is he happy or pained? JORDAN MECHNER: So many choices. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, just like, is this happy, or-- JORDAN MECHNER: I'm just paralyzed by the-- WIL WHEATON: You felt a disturbance in the force? JORDAN MECHNER: --variety of possibilities here. ALEX ALBRECHT: His breakfast just settled. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. ALEX ALBRECHT: He's like ah, oh, OK.

JORDAN MECHNER: It's a new goal. New goal. CHLOE DYKSTRA: 42! WIL WHEATON: 42! ALEX ALBRECHT: 42! JORDAN MECHNER: OK, it's happening. WIL WHEATON: The player who has the Intergalactic Travel Guide and the Computer on the table wins. ALEX ALBRECHT: OK. It is the answer to everything. WIL WHEATON: We will point out, of course, that all of these cards are royalty free.

They are not explicitly endorsing any copyrighted-- ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, of course not. JORDAN MECHNER: No. 42 is a number. You can't copyright a number. ALEX ALBRECHT: This is just a generic laser pistol. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. It's like, from Laser Co. ALEX ALBRECHT: There are so many teleporters. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Teleport chamber, yeah. It's fine.

ALEX ALBRECHT: I will play the Time Traveler. WIL WHEATON: Oh, Alex! CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh, no. My favorite card is the Time Traveler, definitely. It's pretty obvious why. I love you, Matt Smith. WIL WHEATON: I think way back at our first goal, you'd be halfway to winning. ALEX ALBRECHT: Yes. WIL WHEATON: Sadly, the goals have changed.

ALEX ALBRECHT: I know. Well, and yeah, so has my hand, unfortunately. I was like, I had so many goals. CHLOE DYKSTRA: So many goals. ALEX ALBRECHT: Besides world domination, which I think is probably everybody's goal, and to have gold, I really want to get my own TV show off the ground. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Here we go. Wormhole, Wormhole. ALEX ALBRECHT: I made it out of clay. I just thought it sounded like the dreidel song.

CHLOE DYKSTRA: (SINGING) Wormhole, wormhole, wormhole, I made it out of clay. ALEX ALBRECHT: When I put stuff in it, it always goes away. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Hey, pretty good. The Wormhole made the game a little more interesting, mostly because you say wormhole a lot, and that word's kind of funny. WIL WHEATON: Here we go. I am Wormholing. Starship Fuel.

The new goal is Starship Fuel. The player who has the Starship and the Energy Crystals in front of them. ALEX ALBRECHT: Not dilithium. WIL WHEATON: I just got a terrible, terrible, terrible, flashback. No, Jeordi, I don't want to go in the anti-matter chamber. That's Jeordi with a J, not a copyrighted Jeordi. Now I'm drawing-- ALEX ALBRECHT: The universal Jeordi. WIL WHEATON: Now I'm drawing two cards.

OK, and I am going to play a keeper in front of me. Chloe, this is for you. CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right. WIL WHEATON: It's the Laser Sword. ALEX ALBRECHT: Aw, shucks. "Star Fluxx" is super fun, plus the sci-fi milieu. Gotta love it. WIL WHEATON: Chloe's dad invented the light saber. That's why that's relevant. JORDAN MECHNER: Do you have a light saber at home? WIL WHEATON: No, it's like how the cobbler's kid doesn't have any shoes.

JORDAN MECHNER: I'm not going to Wormhole. I'm not going to. WIL WHEATON: Wow, Jordan. You're choosing to not use the Wormhole. ALEX ALBRECHT: Hey, man. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Interesting choice. WIL WHEATON: An interesting move, yeah. JORDAN MECHNER: Just mixing it up a bit. WIL WHEATON: It is, yeah. ALEX ALBRECHT: You know what? Hey.

WIL WHEATON: 'Cause if you use it all the time, it's not special. ALEX ALBRECHT: Messing with spacetime is not something that you do lightly. WIL WHEATON: That's right. You know what? He's absolutely right. If you use the Wormhole all the time, it isn't special. The Wormhole should be for anniversaries and Valentine's Day. ALEX ALBRECHT: I'm partial to the Wormhole because we've been having a lot of fun with the Wormhole.

WIL WHEATON: All right. What do we got? A keeper, the Holographic Projection. JORDAN MECHNER: If you have this on the table, you can win with a keeper someone else has on the table, as if it were in front of you. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh my god. JORDAN MECHNER: So all of your keepers. WIL WHEATON: Dude, that is an unbelievably powerful card. CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right. WIL WHEATON: That card is great.

And guess what? JORDAN MECHNER: What is that? WIL WHEATON: Surprise. That card is mine. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh, no! ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, no! CHLOE DYKSTRA: Will JORDAN MECHNER: When I played that keeper card that let me own everybody else's keeper cards, I thought I had it. I thought I had the game in the bag, and then Wil just took it away from me.

I felt betrayed. WIL WHEATON: Hey, guess what, everybody? I have this Holographic Projection. Anyone's card on the table can be mine. ALEX ALBRECHT: A point of notice, you now have a malfunctioning Holographic Projection. WIL WHEATON: What? Son of a bitch! ALEX ALBRECHT: Creepered! WIL WHEATON: God dammit. I forgot that I had the Malfunction creeper in front of me.

ALEX ALBRECHT: I can't believe I just did that to Wil Wheaton. Suck it. I literally was going to move the creeper my next turn onto that card. WIL WHEATON: I was impressed with Alex when he called out that my Holographic Projection was going to malfunction. JORDAN MECHNER: Well spotted. ALEX ALBRECHT: The fact that he didn't notice that was hard for me to contain myself as it was happening. So it was pretty epic.

My favorite moment of this game so far. WIL WHEATON: You know what I've been? I've been hoisted on my own Pitard. Yes. ALEX ALBRECHT: Nice. WIL WHEATON: I made it so. ALEX ALBRECHT: Yeah, I was going to say. Was that a Captain Pitard? WIL WHEATON: Yes. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Are you guys ready for this? WIL WHEATON: Yeah? New rule.

Play All. Awesome! CHLOE DYKSTRA: All right, so-- ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh my god. WIL WHEATON: Did you just win the game? I don't know. Probably not. I should have saved it, but at this point I just thought this would be great. WIL WHEATON: No, this is great. Nope, this is awesome.

ALEX ALBRECHT: Amazing. CHLOE DYKSTRA: So I have-- WIL WHEATON: No, no, you can choose the order in which you play those cards. So look at your cards and see if you can set it up so that you win the game. WIL WHEATON: When you have to play a lot of cards, you get to choose the order in which they go. That's the only time you get to make a truly strategic decision in "Fluxx." CHLOE DYKSTRA: My god, but I feel like I'm going to have to read all of these.

WIL WHEATON: And then if you have rule cards, [INAUDIBLE]. CHLOE DYKSTRA: I don't want to-- ALEX ALBRECHT: Being like, we're playing a card game. I feel like I have to read all these cards. CHLOE DYKSTRA: I don't want to read all of these cards. JORDAN MECHNER: Alex, isn't that what they told us when we showed up? ALEX ALBRECHT: They did. All you have to do is read. JORDAN MECHNER: Actually, I think the words were being able to read is a big advantage in this game.

ALEX ALBRECHT: Yeah, that's true. CHLOE DYKSTRA: My favorite part of the game so far has been when I played all, and my entire hand just, it took about 10 minutes to go through every single card and play it, because I had half of the deck. Oh, yeah. These are the-- WIL WHEATON: The new goals. CHLOE DYKSTRA: The new goals. Which are Starship Captain and To The Stars. WIL WHEATON: Oh, and you have the Starship, so it's a super valuable card.

CHLOE DYKSTRA: Yes, it is. Well, these are actually all things that I'm going to have to play anyway. So we've got Hand Limit Four, Draw Four, Play Two. WIL WHEATON: And now you had Play All, but you've already played more than two, so keep this card in your hand, because the rule was changed. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh. WIL WHEATON: All right? Now, if you want to-- CHLOE DYKSTRA: Well, you know what? I don't want to, because surprise, mother [BLEEP].

It's a trap! WIL WHEATON: Oh, no! What does It's A Trap do? CHLOE DYKSTRA: I don't know. I just wanted to surprise everybody. ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, Chloe. Little Chloe. WIL WHEATON: Chloe was one of those unpredictable, crazy, like drunk guy in a bar with a loaded gun players. You never really knew what she was going to do. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Were you guys surprised? JORDAN MECHNER: I was.

WIL WHEATON: I was very surprised. It was dramatic and messy. ALEX ALBRECHT: Very dramatic. CHLOE DYKSTRA: And I flourished with it. ALEX ALBRECHT: You did. CHLOE DYKSTRA: A very weird, awkward flourish. ALEX ALBRECHT: Well, and a mouth flourish, which is like-- CHLOE DYKSTRA: Mother-- ALEX ALBRECHT: Fluxxers. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Mother Fluxxers.

JORDAN MECHNER: Mother Fluxxers. You know, it's tough to say at this point who's really going to win. I thought for sure Chloe was going to take it when she played half the deck, but I think, really, it's up for grabs. CHLOE DYKSTRA: I have a feeling Mr. Albrecht is going to win. He knows what he's doing. ALEX ALBRECHT: I always think I can win every game that I play, but I usually don't.

So I'll say Wil, just because I think he has home field advantage. WIL WHEATON: I have no idea who's going to win this game. JORDAN MECHNER: Chloe, play attention, because I'm going to play Exchange Keepers. CHLOE DYKSTRA: What? No. WIL WHEATON: Oh, Exchange Keepers! CHLOE DYKSTRA: What? No! No.

Surprise! It's A Trap! Surprise! [SHOUTING] WIL WHEATON: It's a trap! CHLOE DYKSTRA: Mother Fluxxer! Let's do this. OK, so-- ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, you just got mother Fluxxered. JORDAN MECHNER: You were just waiting that, weren't you? CHLOE DYKSTRA: Yeah, I already, yeah.

So now it cancels any single game action in which another player is stealing a keeper you have on the table, and instead, you steal of their keepers. WIL WHEATON: Oh no! ALEX ALBRECHT: Double trap! JORDAN MECHNER: So, wait, wait, wait. I wasn't stealing. I was trading. ALEX ALBRECHT: Now I believe you have one more play left. WIL WHEATON: I believe you have another play. JORDAN MECHNER: One more play.

Oh. Surprise. This card can be played at any time to cancel a surprise which another player has played. ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh my god! WIL WHEATON: Oh, man! Look at that! ALEX ALBRECHT: Amazing. WIL WHEATON: You were like, you thought you had it, and then it turns out that you didn't. ALEX ALBRECHT: I love the look on her face.

She's like, wait, what? So now, wait a minute. So you still keep your keeper. WIL WHEATON: You keep your keeper. ALEX ALBRECHT: But she keeps her keeper. WIL WHEATON: She keeps her keeper, because you cancelled her surprise. But the action still happened. ALEX ALBRECHT: Correct. WIL WHEATON: So you can still exchange, because the action happened.

ALEX ALBRECHT: Right. You just stopped her from stopping your first action. WIL WHEATON: You just stopped her trap. That's right. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Jesus Christ. ALEX ALBRECHT: This game is, this is intense. CHLOE DYKSTRA: I think I'm burning, like, 20,000 calories playing this game. ALEX ALBRECHT: There's a lot of cardio in this game. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Yeah. JORDAN MECHNER: OK, so we're going back in time a little bit.

WIL WHEATON: We're giong back in time, which is exciting and appropriate for the theme. JORDAN MECHNER: The Intergalactic Travel Guide is yours. WIL WHEATON: OK, and what is yours? JORDAN MECHNER: But in return-- CHLOE DYKSTRA: No, no, no. JORDAN MECHNER: I've always wanted a Starship. CHLOE DYKSTRA: No, no, no, no. ALEX ALBRECHT: It does make sense. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, give him the Starship.

Starships are awesome. ALEX ALBRECHT: It's like having a great vacation. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. Yeah. JORDAN MECHNER: Well, I discovered this game this morning, and I'm happy to say I'm already a master. WIL WHEATON: Jordan will now flourish. ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh! I consider myself fluoride. I'll put my Expendable Crewman down. JORDAN MECHNER: So that Expendable Crewman is protecting all your other cards.

WIL WHEATON: Yeah, because now if something bad's going to happen-- JORDAN MECHNER: If a bullet is fired, he gets it first. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. He gets it first. ALEX ALBRECHT: And any time a player discards or takes away one of your creepers, they must take this one instead. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, that's awesome. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. CHLOE DYKSTRA: I miss the Wormhole.

WIL WHEATON: Evil! Oh, no. I got the Evil creeper! CHLOE DYKSTRA: Evil Doctor! WIL WHEATON: If you have any keepers in play, you must choose one to attach this to. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Evil Doctor. JORDAN MECHNER: All right, I'm taking one, right? WIL WHEATON: All right, you're taking one and playing one. ALEX ALBRECHT: Taking one and playing one. Do you want the honors of reshuffling the-- CHLOE DYKSTRA: Reshuffler! WIL WHEATON: Reshuffling.

The Captain. JORDAN MECHNER: The Captain, the Starship. WIL WHEATON: But that's no longer the victory [INAUDIBLE]. [SHOUTING] ALEX ALBRECHT: Wormhole! CHLOE DYKSTRA: You thought you won, but you lost! This is my impression of Jordan. Hey guys, guess what? I think I'm going to win.

ALEX ALBRECHT: Jordan was a quiet, scheming kind of guy who needed to scheme a little bit more before executing on his schemes. Could I do that to everybody? Maybe. WIL WHEATON: What are you going to do? ALEX ALBRECHT: Well, first off-- WIL WHEATON: Are you going to play a card [BLEEP] move? ALEX ALBRECHT: Yeah, I think I might. I think all my cards say that.

First off, shoot your Doctor with the little Laser Pistol. WIL WHEATON: Oh, thank you. That makes my Evil creeper go away. ALEX ALBRECHT: This is true. WIL WHEATON: Oh god, you're infecting Kaylee with Brain Parasites, aren't you? ALEX ALBRECHT: Brain-- no, I wish that I had a card to do that. That would be amazing. WIL WHEATON: Now it's play one. ALEX ALBRECHT: OK, I'm going to try this one, which is What Do You Want To Do? Remove any card you want from the discard pile.

So I'm going to take the discard pile. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh, no. WIL WHEATON: Interesting. ALEX ALBRECHT: I think I will give Kaylee Brain Parasites. WIL WHEATON: You! [SHOUTING] CHLOE DYKSTRA: Holy [BLEEP]. ALEX ALBRECHT: It was possible! WIL WHEATON: You son of a bitch! ALEX ALBRECHT: When Wil said, are you going to put a Brain Parasite on Kaylee, which of course you can't do in the game except if you have one card, and the Brain Parasite happens to be in the discard pile, two things that should never happen after he had said that.

So the fact that I was able to play that, pull that card, and then put a Brain Parasite on the Engineer, AKA Kaylee, was a pretty amazing moment. And I think everybody appreciated it. Except maybe Kaylee. WIL WHEATON: Chloe, it is your turn. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Draw two. So we've got a Distress Call, which is all players draw one card from the deck. And then we've got a new goal, which is the player who has the Doctor and the Captain on the table wins.

WIL WHEATON: All right, my turn. ALEX ALBRECHT: I love that this game could be five minutes-- WIL WHEATON: Or an hour. ALEX ALBRECHT: Or this, yeah. WIL WHEATON: I am going to draw two and use them, but the first thing I'm going to do is actually draw two cards. So let's see. New goal is The Robots Have Turned Against Us, which is evil on the robots. This means that the Evil creeper is actually good.

ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, god! WIL WHEATON: But now, because I have to play both of them, the new new goal is the power of evil, which is the Power Of The Dark Side. If you have the Dark Side in front of you, then you are currently winning the game. And guess who has the Dark Force in front of him? Me, baby. Me. And that will be the end of my turn, because I've played two. Jordan, it's your turn.

ALEX ALBRECHT: Now, we haven't been using the Double Agenda. Can we choose not to use the Double Agenda? WIL WHEATON: Oh, you know what? That is a good question, Alex. Let me double check here. ALEX ALBRECHT: Because if not-- WIL WHEATON: A second goal can now be played, but you don't have to play a new goal card. ALEX ALBRECHT: Perfect. Got it. WIL WHEATON: I guess, though, in the interest-- CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh, shoot, well, I would have totally kept, I would have kept-- WIL WHEATON: Because then I would have done that.

I would have done that. So good call. Yeah. So now a Robot Uprising or the Power Of The Dark Side. So we are both halfway to victory. We just have to find the Evil card. ALEX ALBRECHT: We're just too good. WIL WHEATON: All right, Jordan. JORDAN MECHNER: OK, OK. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Are we already getting to the bottom of the deck again? WIL WHEATON: We're going to shuffle again.

CHLOE DYKSTRA: Holy cow. ALEX ALBRECHT: Yeah, dude. This is, like, the longest "Fluxx" game ever. JORDAN MECHNER: Unless. WIL WHEATON: Oh. Hang on. Wait a minute, what's happening? What's happening? What are you doing? Is this another evil plot? CHLOE DYKSTRA: Jordan, he was sneaky.

Like, he was hoarding his cards, and he was quiet, and then would be like, oh, I've got this master plan. And then he would explain to us what his plan was. JORDAN MECHNER: I hesitate to say it because, you know, every time I've said my plan before, it's backfired. WIL WHEATON: This is true. JORDAN MECHNER: But so many memorable moments that I would rather forget. WIL WHEATON: Do it. Let's see. JORDAN MECHNER: But Holographic Projection.

ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh, which means anything-- JORDAN MECHNER: If I have this on the table, I can win with a keeper someone else has on the table, as if it were in front of you. WIL WHEATON: OK, that's very good. JORDAN MECHNER: That's my first card. Now I am going to play Strange Powers. The player who has Unseen Force and Energy Being wins the game. ALEX ALBRECHT: No, but that's not what the means. JORDAN MECHNER: I really thought I had it.

I had the cards, I had the plan. I just hadn't read the fine print on that Brain Parasite card. ALEX ALBRECHT: You just made Will win! JORDAN MECHNER: Is that what it means? WIL WHEATON: It means that I win, because you've got Brain Parasites! I don't know why Jordan forgot that he had Brain Parasites. And he gave a terrific James Bond villain speech, and then handed victory to me. JORDAN MECHNER: That feeling of having defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, I think to me, that's what "Star Fluxx" is all about.

CHLOE DYKSTRA: You should not have explained your plans! WIL WHEATON: Victory! CHLOE DYKSTRA: Wil Wheaton! WIL WHEATON: I won, and I didn't even have to do anything! I can't believe I won the game. ALEX ALBRECHT: That was amazing. That was amazing. WIL WHEATON: Listen. ALEX ALBRECHT: Well played, sir. WIL WHEATON: Listen.

I'm going to go interview you guys in the lounge of almost won but didn't. And then I'm going to go downstairs and give myself a trophy. JORDAN MECHNER: Sorry, guys. WIL WHEATON: Yeah! CHLOE DYKSTRA: Great job, Jordan. WIL WHEATON: How awesome was that game? ALEX ALBRECHT: Well, the good news is the game was actually awesome. The ending-- WIL WHEATON: Was the best part.

CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh, boy. JORDAN MECHNER: I love the way the Brain Parasite actually works. It's not just a card. It actually made my brain not work. WIL WHEATON: Well, listen. Unrelated to you actually making it possible for me to win the game, there are two tickets to Guadalajara, Mexico downstairs in your green room. Please enjoy them. JORDAN MECHNER: Oh, boy.

WIL WHEATON: Thank you all-- CHLOE DYKSTRA: Have fun. Don't get kidnapped. WIL WHEATON: Thank you all for playing on "TableTop" today. JORDAN MECHNER: I'll be taking that Brain Parasite card with me. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Oh, yes. ALEX ALBRECHT: Oh my god. CHLOE DYKSTRA: You won't need to. You can get some while you're there. WIL WHEATON: I'm going to go downstairs and talk to myself about how much I won the game.

ALEX ALBRECHT: I was this close. CHLOE DYKSTRA: Yeah. We all were. WIL WHEATON: I would like to welcome to the "TableTop" Wall of Victory Wil Wheaton, the winner of the game. Can you believe we got this guy to be on our show? He is a very big deal. We're very lucky. Wil Wheaton, congratulations. You played like a boss, and when you saw weakness, you exploited it.

But you were never a [BLEEP] about it. It is my honor and my pleasure to present to you the "TableTop" Trophy of Awesomeness. I'm going to write your name on this trophy right now. Wil Super Awesome Awesome. And this trophy is yours. Would you like to say anything to the folks at home? (TINY VOICE) I'd really like to thank Jordan Mechner for forgetting he had Brain Parasites. I could not have done it without him.

You're a good sport, Wil Wheaton. Now, I know that you are too big of a man to accept this trophy and keep it with you. So I'm just going to take it, put it back in our prop room, and dream about how much time I could have spent with you. This guy. We'll see you next time on "TableTop." ..."

Description from Amazon: Just when you thought that Fluxx had gone as far as it could go it blasts off for the Stars! Explore the vastness of space-themed humor with your valiant Captain, Engineer, and, of course, your Expendable Crewman. Go check out that Small Moon or is it really a Space Station? You may be swayed by Unseen Forces, held hostage by Evil Computers, or find your ship infested with Cute Fuzzy Aliens. Beware the unexpected as Star Fluxx takes you straight into a Wormhole of hilarity. You will find yourself wanting to play again and again watch out. It is A Trap.

Star Fluxx
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