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The Amazing Tear-Resistant Super Wubble Bubble Ball - Blue
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From the CrazyRussianHacker channel:

Transcript from CrazyRussianHacker:

"What's up everybody. Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority. I've got here bunch of Wubbles. Three different colors. Green, blue and pink I guess. So last time we froze baloons inside of liquid nitrogen. I wonder what will happen if you freeze a Wubble inside of liquid nitrogen. They are much much thicker than balloons as you can see. I can just grab them and pull them and they don't pop. Because it's silicone, it's really thick not like balloons. If I did it to a balloon, it would have popped already. So, that's really cool, It's much different than balloons, that's why they're called Wubbles, obviously. So let's blow them all up and then, we're going to put it in liquid nitrogen, and see what happens.

This is what Wubble looks like when it's not blowed up, I'm sure a lot of you have already played with this. *Sound Of Wubbles Being Blown Up* *Gasp* I think that's big enough, that's so cool look at that so stretchy, it feels so good to play with.. I love Wubbles. Maybe I will do a whole series of experiments with Wubbles from now on. Okay I've got my canister with liquid nitrogen, and let's pour it slowly right on top of it. Woooah look at that. Oh my gosh. -WOOOOAH- -WOOOOOOAH- Look it's freezes, it's so full of ice, oh my gosh what is going on to it? -WOHOHOHOHOAH- No way! This is so insane! Look at that.

Wow, what just happened? I'm gonna fully- fully put it inside of liquid nitrogen, and then we're gonna take it out. Leave all the liquid nitrogen out and... Let's smash it on the table. *CRUNCH* *Crackle* *SMASH* *Crinkle* Look at that. *SNAP CRACKLE POP* It just broke in pieces.

OH MY GOSH! What just happened? You know what, I expected it to get smaller, but I didn't expect it to break in pieces like that. Like this. You know what, let's wait till it's unfreeze and see if it's- Turned back into the, rubber again. Look it just breaks. You gotta tell me what to freeze next. Alright the green one right here, here goes nothing. Woah, what's happening. What's happening, let's dip it a little bit more. I don't want this one to break so I'm gonna do it slowly.

-WOOOOOOOW- *POP* (Very Manly Scream) It cracked in half look at that, look at that giant crack. -WOW- No way! This is so scary. This is like a...piece of ice. AHHH it's still cracking. *Crack* *Crack* *Crack* *Crack* It's so solid, like Ice.

Alright. *SMASH* WOOOOAH look at that! *Crumble* *Another Smash For Good Luck* *Critical Crush* *Crumble* It just breaks, in pieces! *Snap* Look at that! *Snap* *Snap* Insaaane.

Now look, this one unfroze and it's stretchy again it's still kinda- Cold, really really cold but once it's unfreeze it's very stretchy like it's normal rubber again. We have one more, what do you guys think? We gotta do this again. This time I'm just gonna put it there and wait, and see what happens. Let's pull it out, WOAH look at that. That's full ice. That's so crazy, I bet if we warm it up... It will turn back to Wubble and not gonna break. So you don't wanna keep it in the liquid nitrogen for too long. Unless, you wanted to see it crack, which is cool. So I'm just gonna warm it up.

And, you see if it's not too long in the liquid nitrogen it turns into normal Wubble again. (Warming Wubble Up With Hot Exhales) Yup, it's stretchy again, but if you keep it long enough there it will crack again. Let's just destroy this one as well. I love how it's like, become so small. *SNAP CRACKLE POP* OOOOOOOOOOOOH YEP there you go it just cracked. Let's... flip it upside down. This time I'm not gonna break it. After I dip it in liquid nitrogen, I'm gonna take it out, and wait till it's warms up. This is insane.

There you go. Now let's wait what happens after it gets warm again. Wow look at that smoke coming out from the cracks, this is crazy look at that. Oh there is still liquid nitrogen in there. That's so awesome. Yep this is like... Turned back to Wubble again. It's so cold but you see it just cracks in half. Wow You know what guys? If you wanna keep your Wubble, don't put it in liquid nitrogen. Or it will crack, just like that, not pop, it just cracks, broken. *SNAP* Look at it, and now it's rubber again.

*SNAP* *FLOP* ..."

Description from Amazon: So what makes the Wubble Bubble Ball so special? It's made from revolutionary, near indestructible, lightweight material called Xpandium. It's squishy, squashy, super soft and lightweight and allows it to be inflated to a gigantic three feet tall! You can have your very own Supper Wubble Bubble Ball ready for play in a matter of minutes. Use the battery-operated air pump to inflate your Wubble Bubble Ball in just two minutes. After you're done jumping, throwing, squishing and kicking, simply deflate your bubble ball with the deflation tool and store it for next time. The best part is that the Wubble is fun to play with indoors or outdoors, all year round. You can use it as a giant soccer ball, tennis or even beach volleyball. Who would have thought that a simple ball could be so much fun? Now grab your Super Wubble Bubble Ball, blow it up and go have a blast!

The Amazing Tear-Resistant Super Wubble Bubble Ball - Blue
$14.06 - View on Amazon

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