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Vortex Bank ll Watch Money Defy Gravity Circling Around When Saving Loose Coins
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From the Taras Kul channel:

Transcript from Taras Kul:

"What's up guys, how you all doing? Today I'm going to show you something cool. What do you think is this? This is actually a science... Piggy bank. It's actually really cool science toy, and at the same time it's a piggy bank. You know, back in the day, most used to have this giant spinning thing. Where you drop a coin and it spins, spins, spins. And then it falls through. So this is a mini one. It's actually made from really, really cheap plastic. I wish it was better plastic than that. But, let's put it to the test and see how it works. It's actually really cool. At-least I hope it's going to work cool I got here full set of coins, I love coins.

I actually collect some coins. That's actually fun. So how does this work? I got here half-dollar. Kennedy. and I'm gonna' let it go, see what happens. Aw, that was such a fail. Okay, that's a dollar, let's see what happens. A dollar was a fail too, let's do a 10¢. Oh, there you go. Whoa. It spins so much over there in the bottom. Let's give it a little spin. Oh there you go. It just has to be stable in the bottom. Let's try it with half-dollar again.

Yeah you see when it shakes it needs to be stable. (Chuckles) That's so cool. Let's do this again. Whoa. So satisfying, I love this, I could do this all day. Let me show you even better... Okay, 5¢ again Here you go, that's a good one! Whoa. 5¢ works too. Ugh, fail. What's cool about it it's see-through as well. I think 1¢-- Here you go.

Whoa. Look how much it spins. Whoa. That was the longest one. Fail. Here you go. You kind of got to give it a spin a little bit. Whoa. This one spins a lot. Whoa! That's so long! That's so cool. So, I think you got to give it a little... Push. I'm going to do half-dollar this time. Oh, what a fail. Here you go. Whoa! Yeah, I figured it out! You just gotta' give it a little push.

Whoa! Look at that. [Taras is amazed] Whoa! (Laughing) This is one satisfying toy. I'm gonna' go whole bunch at the same time. Whoa! [Coin Tornado] This is so much fun. Whoa! Hurricane of coins! Lovin' it. Let's do one pennies. Whoa.

That's five at a time. Oh, they colliding. Whoa! This is... [Sorry, Mic] The best! Man, it's never been more satisfying saving coins. Oh my gosh, what is going on?! This is the best. I can do this all day. So this is the way it works, you gotta' lay it down and then give it a little spin. And, it's not always works. And again it's not always work. Gotta' give it a little spin like this [Fail xD] C'mon.

.. Oh, I had it, c'mon Here you go. Whoa. That's a good one! So there is a little bit of skill into it too. Whoa, look how much it spins! It's goin' faster and faster! Whooooa! Well guys, what do you think? I played with this for like 30 minutes. Look how many coins I have put in there. And I love the design that you see how many coins there is. So I'm going to give this a huge thumbs up! And I will call it, "Most Satisfying Piggy Bank.

" That's for sure, love this. Thank you for watching, don't forgot to give this video a thumbs up. And I'll see you next time. ..."

Description from Amazon: So Entertaining your Friends will Pay to See it Work! Remember donating all those coins into the giant spiral bank at the local shopping mall? And staring endlessly as the coin circled 'round & 'round & 'round? Now you can bring that super cool, nostalgic experience into your home or office. Desktop sized, this spiral wishing well bank will fill quickly as the donations from friends and family keep rolling in! You supply the coins.

Vortex Bank ll Watch Money Defy Gravity Circling Around When Saving Loose Coins
$19.95 - View on Amazon

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