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Zimpli Kids Pink Gel Bath Gelli Baff 2-Use 600G Box
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From the CrazyRussianHacker channel:

Transcript from CrazyRussianHacker:

"What's up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory Where safety is number one priority. And today is going to be like a little science experiment with Gelli Baff. It's supposed to be a powder that turns water into slime, and also, it can reverse it back to the water. So it's going to be a cool science experiment/review for this product. Let's check this out. Gelli Baff, lets see what it's all about. This is like a science experiment kit.

So it looks like it comes with a step one, and this one is step two. So lets see what the step one does. I'm only going to put a little bit because I don't have a lot of water. It's only a couple of liters, if that. mmmmmmm! It smells so lemon-y! (That's not a word, Taras) It smells good. I'm going to mix it while I'm pouring it. Otherwise I'm going to have this, like, little pieces in it Alright! WHOA! Look at that! It instantly turning into this slime.

How cool is that? WOW! This is insane! Oh my gosh, it feels so good though to play with this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Look at that It's still getting thicker and thicker. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Look how thick it is now. This is insane! WOW! This is not even a slime, it feels like something else, I don't even know what you would call this. But this is so cool. Now lets use the step two bag. And you're supposed to just pour it inside of it and just mix it.

Interesting. I wonder what it's going to do. This is like a science experiment in itself. Step two, actually it says in the description that it's supposed to just... Dissolve all that slime back into the liquid. Wow! This is insane! Look at it, it's turning green. That's so weird That's so crazy. Look at this. It's already super liquid-y.

I bet if we wait a little bit, it will turn back into a liquid really fast. The only problem, I think my hands are going to stay green for a week now. Oh well. Worth it, because this is so much fun. Look at it. It turned back into a liquid. And they also advertise that it's a biodegradable product. So you can just pour it in the sink and it will not hurt anything. So cool, isn't it? ..."

Description from Amazon: Pink Gelli Baff turns ordinary bath water into a princess pink adventure and then back to liquid. Turns water into goo and back again!.

Zimpli Kids Pink Gel Bath Gelli Baff 2-Use 600G Box
$19.99 - View on Amazon

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